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Comment: Re:Great! Now how about... (Score 2) 136

by Imagix (#48354531) Attached to: Apple Releases iMessage Deregistration Utility
For iPhoto: Select all of your photos... choose Export from the File menu. Pick "Original" as the format, pick a directory to dump them all into. Not sure what you mean about "all my data out of Time Machine". Almost like asking "all my data out of my ZFS filesystem" (and I mean _all_, not just the current state. Each and every snapshot I have ever made...).

Comment: Re:Umm, like I have an idea? (Score 1) 256

by Imagix (#48210901) Attached to: Michigan Latest State To Ban Direct Tesla Sales

If Tesla can do this, then so will Ford and GM, and then you just killed a very large job market, seeing as how many dealerships employ 50+ employees

And if the demand existed for the cars, those 50 jobs would still exist. Just instead of being employed by "Joe's Car Emporium", they'd be employed by Tesla (for Ford, or GM).

Comment: Re:Government Dictionary (Score 1, Insightful) 239

by Imagix (#48195041) Attached to: Facebook To DEA: Stop Using Phony Profiles To Nab Criminals

Of course, perhaps the fact that so many people throw around the term entrapment is indicitive of a general feeling of unfairness at these actions and that they should be illegal actions for the police.

Or, this is the griping of people who figured that they were going to "get away" with something and are now looking for any justification to escape the responsibility for their actions that they knew were wrong to begin with.

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by Imagix (#48073197) Attached to: Is It Time To Throw Out the College Application System?

If you're applying for a programming job, that will never come into contact with customers

Famous Last Words. What's missing is the broader view of who the "customer" is. The customer is the person who will be "consuming" the programmer's work. That could be the programmer's manager ("here's my code"), or the project manager ("Hey, here's a different way of accomplishing the task with the following benefits and drawbacks"), Or the CTO ("If we change our practices in such-and-such a manner, we will save X hours a week of effort."), or Sales ("Hmm... can't do that, but what about this?"), or...etc.

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22+22 is no longer 44. its now 40 (plus 4)

Uh... that _is_ how I do math (well, for larger numbers, numbers that small are easy to keep in the head). When the calculation gets big enough, it's time to start changing the equation to a series of easier equations (or start writing stuff down...).

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I've used multiple Windows Phones ranging all the way back to the WinCE devices, Windows Mobile, to Windows Phone. Never been happy with any of them. Then ended up on Android and stayed there ever since. (I do have an iPad, so I use iOS, just not on the phone)

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