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Comment: Re:An overregulated province anyway... (Score 1) 184

by IllogicalStudent (#47860883) Attached to: Ontario Government Wants To Regulate the Internet

." So you get things like mandatory Grade 13 for students going into Ontario universities (but those from outside the province don't need to take it), mandatory business closure on boxing day (even though the reason for this is lost in the mists of time for most),

Outdated info. The Ontario Academic Credit (OAC/"Grade 13") year was removed by Mike Harris (PC-ONT) back in `01-`02 (a sibling was a member of the double-cohort year [Grade 12s and OACs graduating and applying to university at the same time -- basically a royal clusterf***]). Also, I worked retail through my teens (`90s), always worked the 26th of December. And no, I was not in a designated "tourist attraction" mall (and yes, that loophole IS stupid -- either it's illegal to be open on x day or it isn't), nor were fines levied against my employer at any time. Closed on Christmas Day, yes; Boxing Day, no.

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by IllogicalStudent (#47374107) Attached to: Google Acquires Curated Music Service Songza

From the article, it's apparently an online radio service, similar to Pandora or Spotify, except for the fact that it works in Canada.

There, FIFW. Google had better not break the one service we can reliably use up here without jumping through proxy hoops, or a bunch of us'll be pissed. I'm preparing the maple syrup cannons, just in case, eh?

Comment: Kids don't bother learning (Score 1) 310

Many (not all) kids these days don't WANT to learn from a teacher because they've decided that 'if and when I need to know something, my phone/tablet/device will just tell me the answer'. This leads to them effectively having 0 memorized facts or baseline knowledge. Facts that are a foundation to do more complex things. Imagine not knowing your basic multiplication tables. I've personally tutored several (non Learning Disabled) Grade 8s that can't do basic addition in their heads; oh, but they can sure use a calculator app on their iPod like a boss. And then they promptly forget said thing they looked up. To them, if the fact can't be looked up quickly, it's not worth knowing about. If the fact can be looked up quickly, it's not worth remembering. End result, kids know nothing and can't do complex problems where several concepts need to be used at once.

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The streaming part works perfectly fine, even over slower Wifi. Gamepads aren't recognized on the remote side, though - tried Sonic Generations and my gamepad didn't show up in the config.

Sooo, Valve... could we have controller support for streaming, too? Pretty please? :-)

FWIW - Haven't had an ounce of grief using either a wired or wireless (with dongle) 360 pad on the client machine since back in Feb. with the beta (Win7 serv. --> Win8 client). Mind you, I do have the controller drivers installed on both machines (and in the case of the wireless pad, have a dongle attached to each -- they're $8 on amazon) -- maybe that's the trick?

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by IllogicalStudent (#43347829) Attached to: 3D DRAM Spec Published

the CPU vendors need to start stacking them onto their die.

In 5 years your systems will be sold with fixed memory sizes, and the only way to upgrade is to upgrade CPUs.

Stacked vias could also be used for other peripheral devices as well. (GPU?)

Problem with this, of course, is that Intel wants to stop having slotted motherboards. Chips will be affixed to boards. Makes RAM upgrades a costly proposition, no?

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by IllogicalStudent (#37538904) Attached to: Sesame Street Begins Teaching Math and Science

What about that cool pinball animation from the 1970s? 1 2 3 4 5, 6 7 8 9 10, 11 12!

The whole reason they went to 12 in that song (which they NEVER should have retired) is that, after 12, everything is pretty much repeated ad-infinium (with slight variations given to THIR-teen and FIF-teen as opposed to THREE-teen and FIVE-teen); kids just needed to learn the roots (TWENTY, THIRTY, etc...). Both ideas (essentially, pattern recognition -- a key to mathematics) were taught on the show (to 50 I believe).

Sesame Street Math is not new, thankfully.

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Check the latest uploads in ...

Sadly, in that clip, they are teaching the imperial measurement system (that is, feet and inches) instead of the standard used in all but barely-a-handful of countries in the world, Metric. Granted, one of those countries is the United States (still? really?!?), where Sesame Street originates; but honestly, seize the opportunity to teach METRIC to young kids with this show. It makes so much more sense. Have The Count count to 10 along with the new math-teaching muppet (who SHOULD be The Count, IMHO -- The Count rules!); boom, there's metric. 10mm in a cm, 10cm in a dm, 10dm (or 100cm) in a m.


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IllogicalStudent (561279) writes "The Harper government has tightened the muzzle on federal scientists, going so far as to control when and what they can say about floods at the end of the last ice age.

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Comment: Lawyers do their clients' bidding. (Score 2, Insightful) 587

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My karma's going to burn for this thought, but lawyers generally do what's in the best interest of whomever their client is... if the *AAs said, "make a rock-solid contract that essentially screws the artists while ensuring we rake in the dough," then that's what the lawyers will (and do) do. Who's to say those lawyers will maintain their practices when not in the employ of the labels anymore....... never mind, who am I kidding?

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