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Comment They aren't dumb (Score 1) 187

People who took this decision surely knows about extensions, VPN and even Tor. They know only 0.001% may care too. This is the magic formula which runs spam&spyware industry.

Remember Sony rootkit, nobody were aware of anything until they were absurdly unlucky to hit World's most advanced Windows kernel hacker Mark Russinovich. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wik... .I remember reading that story on /. That was the last drop for Sony shareholders. I hope the same for AT&T too.

Comment These people run Oracle (Score 1) 229

Oracle is run by people who alienate best office developers working for free, waste a technology like Java down to bundling crap toolbars and now seriously blogging like this.

We got used to it but these guys are seriously number 2 or 3 software company on the planet. There isn't any alternative to their software and there is no escape. One way or another, you are in some Oracle database.

Comment It is their fault (Score 1) 138

They should have let ATI keep their brand, ATI did nothing to be ashamed of.

They immediately gave up the ATI brand. Now, ATI finally have top of the line graphics processor but AMD doesn't have top of the line CPU. Gamers and press aren't stupid, they would eventually compare i7 CPU by taking out AMD CPU.

It is AMD brand manager suits who created this awkward situation. It still shows AMD is a mature company who dares to take such decisions like putting Intel in it. Imagine Oracle suggesting IBM servers for running their software.

Comment Re: bloatware (Score 2) 164

This is exactly why it took decades and crazy hacks for people to write their own language electronically.

Thank God virtually failed (but won) Plan 9 (UNIX2) came by with idealistic developers who respects other cultures came up with Unicode and companies like IBM/Microsoft/Adobe along with Free software supported it.

Who knows if the software/hardware/network combination you use had a line coded by a person who is from those "computer illiterate" regions?

Comment There is a little hope (Score 1) 145

Their parent Dice holdings should start an internal investigation and find&fire the suits who led to this scandal. They should also hire a person who will oversee such decisions.

They may also suggest a fire&forget, respectable spyware cleaner (malwarebytes, spybot or even ms windows defender) to users.

Or they better backup the site, sudo shutdown -f now

Comment Any OSS/FSF guys from Greece? (Score 1) 743

I know we speak about very large sums of money here but one wonders how much unneccesary money has been paid to Microsoft in this shape of economy while Germany etc. are all switching to Linux/ sponsoring open source projects where possible.

There is a small possibility that they can uncover dirty tricks Microsoft and similar does to "convince" goverments to "choose" their software while Linux and even *BSD does the job perfectly.

Comment They have to buy bread for home (Score 1) 198

They will inject paid stories to news sites with a very little "advertorial" marking. They will do secret agreements to sell user data and no, there is no way to prove they did it. They will become biased for certain political parties, opinions. They will be sponsored by billionaire political activists like Koch brothers, George Soros.

EU started to act like a 14 year old Internet troll lately.

Comment Re: Mac/Linux support removed... mildly surprised (Score 1) 227

If both Mac and Linux mentioned, I suspect the reason is OpenGL and the fact that it is moving slowly compared to DirectX. DirectX 12 is a real breakthrough.

Perhaps they should do what Firefox does. Use 3 different branches. ESR for military,business, industrial. Consumer with ever evolving rapid releases and Beta for gamers etc?

Comment Think about it (Score 1) 442

here we go...

Guess it's time to change my email address...

The base of everything that will effect the number one operating system on portables (Android) and possibly "internet of things" has been upgraded after 24 months of work by individuals and Fortune 500 and all we will discuss is systemd.

If they weren't involved, it is like winning lottery for Microsoft and they didn't even purchase a ticket.

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