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Comment: Think about it (Score 1) 440

by Ilgaz (#49554073) Attached to: Debian 8 Jessie Released

here we go...

Guess it's time to change my email address...

The base of everything that will effect the number one operating system on portables (Android) and possibly "internet of things" has been upgraded after 24 months of work by individuals and Fortune 500 and all we will discuss is systemd.

If they weren't involved, it is like winning lottery for Microsoft and they didn't even purchase a ticket.

Comment: They are both disconnected from reality (Score 2) 148

by Ilgaz (#49054593) Attached to: Report: Samsung Replacing Its Apps With Microsoft's For Galaxy S6

It doesn't matter who codes it or the quality of code. Just a quick check on google store comments will show you that people _hate_ bundled software.

It happened to everyone, check Layar, Shazam and even Google play services which enables otherwise impossible things on older firmware.

Even a small shareware developer, if clever, won't allow his/her software to be bundled.

I can't even imagine security implications of this. Microsoft doesn't understand Unix & Java. Never did.

Comment: Call me old fashioned but... (Score 1) 199

by Ilgaz (#49049167) Attached to: Torvalds Polls Desire for Linux's Next Major Version Bump

IMHO a kernel must have a significant change to bump major version.

Everyone gives Microsoft example but "windows 8", "windows 10" are consumer brands. They really keep a very logical honest versioning scheme. For example, Vista is Win 6, "Windows 7 " which is said to be just fixed Vista is indeed 6.1

Comment: He doesn't know cyclers at all (Score 2) 235

by Ilgaz (#47382119) Attached to: Radar Changing the Face of Cycling

Even the legendary Shimano is having hard time selling their electronic gears and not even daring to make them automatic since...Bicycle riding people _hate_ electronic devices except head/tail lights, speedometers. It doesn't fit at all. No, they aren't luddites either. Some seriously high technology is in use by cyclers today but they are all fit into the "soul" of cycling. Not a radar.

Comment: Microsoft contacted the author to... (Score 1) 496

by Ilgaz (#44674055) Attached to: Windows 8.1 RTM Trickling Out, With Start Menu and Boot-to-Desktop

It is a big deal if you have to replace a core component of an OS with a third party solution to make it usable.

A logical acting company would hire the developer of "Classic Shell/ Start Menu". Microsoft, however, contacted him (a rough guess) to change the freaking Windows icon. It is already ironic that something open source, hosted at sourceforge may have saved millions of lost sales for Microsoft.

Comment: Re:Snopes on the window comment (Score 1) 1223

by Ilgaz (#41492749) Attached to: Torvalds Uses Profanity To Lambaste Romney Remarks

Per Snopes, although it is true that Romney made that remark, it was clearly told as a joke meant to lighten the mood. It was not a serious comment.

You can ask to any politician dating back to Roman republic, a politician should not "play fool" as a joke. Some may take it seriously.

Comment: Intel should develop or get it developed (Score 2) 82

by Ilgaz (#41492585) Attached to: FFmpeg 1.0 MultiMedia Library Released

Sounds like you're getting ahead of yourself there. Before you ask if ffmpeg supports quicksync, maybe you should ask if Intel supports quicksync yet. Anyone have an URL of a page at (or whereever), where Intel says how to do it (e.g. op codes)?

If a feature is important to a cpu vendor, it is up to them to code an initial, up to ffmpeg coding standards patch and invite the community to progress it, with a good donation to the project.
ffmpeg being free and opensource doesn't mean they should waste precious development time to code a non portable enhancement.

Comment: and also, who are them? (Score 0) 396

by Ilgaz (#38181182) Attached to: Linux Mint 12 Released Today

'The Shell is designed in order to minimize distraction and interruption and to enable users to focus on the task at hand. A persistent window list or dock would interfere with this goal, serving as a constant temptation to switch focus.'

Jesus Christ, GNOME! You're not my boss and you're definitely not my wife. So, unless you're willing either to pay me or put out, kindly stop trying to tell me what to do.

When Apple does something with an arrogance similar to them (they didn't) on desktop UI, when you ask them "Who the hell are you?", they can reply "We basically invented consumer desktop environment" and you shut up. Microsoft does have some credits too, they came up with their own way of desktop paradigm.

What are the credentials and references of Gnome 3 designers? Adding some note taking trojan to Debian to trigger Mono install? I may have broken how Debian stable is intended to run since I went nuts when I saw that trojan and completely uninstalled Gnome&depsIt felt like seeing Ballmer's face on my wallpaper when I saw that badly written Mono junk inside Debian. So, sorry if I am flaming a bit.

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