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Comment I knew there was something wrong (Score 1) 34

That junk was absolutely outsourced and coded by some "trendy" team, it was NEVER tested on the most common Intel graphics displays such as 1366*768 (ultrabooks) nor 1280*720 (old HDTV). How do I know? Well, it doesn't display properly with large font setting of Windows.

It also installs documented, opt in but very alerting piece of data mining software running as administrator.

Comment Re: .NET 5 is just what we need. (Score 1) 160

You just provided an answer to people whining about "Why business people, enterprise insist on relying to MS solutions (.NET etc) rather than Linux/OSX?"

Business wants long term support and dependability. When couple of nerds in a IRC channel or Starbucks decide the fate of their multi million dollar applications future because "nobody uses it", it doesn't work.

Windows 10 can still run software coded in 1995.

Comment Re: Could we quit with the stupid conf names? (Score 1) 160

They try to be trendy and it backfires. I really hate when they call my full feature laptop, notebook a "device" on Windows 10 too.

They should look to IBM, they just reinvented themselves without doing such "lets look cool to these young kids" trickery. They stayed as Big Blue. For example, having complete W3C HTML valid homepage (don't know current) is way more modern than coming up with some pseudo code names.

Comment It doesn't work (Score 4, Insightful) 56

Google should admit there is a problem in Android's model of getting updates and do something about it.

It is not just code.

If they don't care because Android is doing well in terms of market share etc, they should read comments & stories about Nokia Symbian. Developers, users, authors were telling them everything which were wrong and they were laughing at them showing their massive marketshare. Now, their own Google Keyboard didn't autocomplete Symbian, it is that irrelevant.

Comment Rudeness will kill it (Score 1) 572

Besides being really Windows NT style rather than UNIX style, the rudeness and lack of empathy will kill systemd.

It isn't very technical? Why don't you use ReiserFS than? I still hear it is unmatched in technical quality in some aspects.

Comment They export shows too (Score 1) 174

I am not defending this short sighted, old fashioned approach but the TV channels, online outlets like Amazon, Apple, Google and DVD/Bluray distributors would go crazy if they setup a legimate way to sell to global audience.

I use VPN against censor and packet logging government and it always made me curious about BBC and other large networks turning blind eye to well known IP blocks. IMHO VPN just postponed the revolution which should take place in commercial video broadcasting for a long time coming. Mp3 piracy woke up the audio industry and now with current bandwidth, 4K and H265, it is time for TV industry.

Comment They aren't dumb (Score 1) 187

People who took this decision surely knows about extensions, VPN and even Tor. They know only 0.001% may care too. This is the magic formula which runs spam&spyware industry.

Remember Sony rootkit, nobody were aware of anything until they were absurdly unlucky to hit World's most advanced Windows kernel hacker Mark Russinovich. .I remember reading that story on /. That was the last drop for Sony shareholders. I hope the same for AT&T too.

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