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Comment: It is Sony. (Score 1) 700

by Il128 (#31942652) Attached to: Sony Can Update PS3 Firmware Without Permission
After the RootKits and the spyware and the treatment of so many Sony customers from EverQuest to PlayStation... You buy a Sony product you should expect to have your privacy and your ownership rights trampled on. On day. The CEO's and VP's and the board of directors and the lawyers of these companies will swing in the breeze by their necks.

Comment: Re:Vista (Score 1) 414

by Il128 (#29721183) Attached to: Revisiting the Original Reviews of Windows Vista
Wow, for someone so knowledgeable about computers you seem to forget what a simple failed network printer install could do to an entire Vista network... Vista allowed you to install XP printer drivers (by mistake) and that failed install would make it impossible to print at every station across the network. Vista didn't even check to see if the driver was a Vista driver or not and if it wasn't a Vista driver it was a critical fault...

Comment: Re:Doesn't Speak to Climate Change Here on Earth (Score 1) 114

by Il128 (#29519637) Attached to: Radar Map of Buried Mars Layers Confirms Climate Cycles
Well, 10,000 years ago New York city was under a glacier. We just finished an ice age ten thousand years ago. Global warming even if man is causing it may not be a bad thing. Since the Pacific and Atlantic oceans were separated the earth has been cooling. Cooling is far worse than warming. There really does need to be a debate about this. We should try and control the climate. The issue is should we try and make it colder or would we try and make it warmer. I'm voting for warmer. We need to rejoin the worlds Oceans with a 100 mile wide mile deep trench over Panama.

Comment: Who The NSA Didn't Monitor... (Score 1) 717

by Il128 (#26563983) Attached to: Whistleblower Claims NSA Spied On Everyone, Targeted Media
Will shock everyone more than who they monitored.

I'll bet they didn't record business conversations...

Even though those/that businesses had BSL-3 and BSL-4 labs and/or made guns, bombs, nuclear materials, chemicals and moved money for a living.

10/1 Haliburton wasn't monitored for even a minute.

Long computations which yield zero are probably all for naught.