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Comment: Find the right games. (Score 0) 550 550

by Ikyaat (#42641541) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do I Get My Spouse To Start Gaming With Me?

My wife of 5-6yrs or so is definitely not a gamer, although I can get her to play some games.

She cant stand WoW or anything that requires above average time commitment, with kids and what not its hard enough to find time for myself let alone both parents to play.

Games she Loves on the Wii:

Raving Rabids
Deweys Adventure
Mushroom Men The Spore Wars
Meet the Robinsons

Games she loved on PS3:

God of War Series (watching, not playing)

Games she loves on PC:


As you can see her taste in video games is severely stunted. Mostly reserved to poorly crafted movie renditions of adventure games. She seems to enjoy games that are 1 player, consist of running around and solving puzzles, require little strategy, and can be saved/stopped at any time.

That being said, I always enjoy finding a game she will play, even if it is 1 player, because she can play her game while i play mine and i don't get yelled at for spending too much time on my computer.

Comment: Re:Real Guns (Score 0) 828 828

by Ikyaat (#28070357) Attached to: I'll keep my castle secure primarily with ...

But I'm smart enough to read history, value my own life and understand that firearms are at the core of freedom. That makes me superior to you.

Firearms are at the core of freedom? so typically american, you may live in southern cali but i bet you're from texas or some other backwoods bigot state

mod me down troll then shoot me with your magic firepowder tubes of awesome superiority -5

Comment: build your own pc (Score 0) 665 665

by Ikyaat (#27891735) Attached to: Alienware Refusing Customers As Thieves
I looked at alienware when i was going to get a new computer last month and i didn't even see anything remotely worth the cost they were charging. after reading these comments im glad i didn't. Build your own pc, thats what i did, contrary to what some people seem to think it is very easy. just follow this one simple rule: 1. RTFM: read the f*ck*ng manual there now your fully educated on PC building and can save yourself a couple hundred bucks and get a good lesson on how hardware interacts in your machine. Plus as a bonus you can learn all the neat built in functions that your motherboard will no doubt have, and how to use all the software that will come with it.

Comment: Jail is good (Score 0) 590 590

by Ikyaat (#27203791) Attached to: Feds Demand Prison For Guns N' Roses Uploader
People Choose go to jail all the time, here in Canada. When charged with a minor criminal act, you are fined by the government, $5,10,25,000, whatever. You can either pay the money, or go to jail instead. Duration based on the amount you owe. Lots of people do not have the money to pay the government, so they go to jail. They're allowed out to go to work, returning after for a nice hot meal and a warm bed. Use the gym facilities, watch a movie, read a book. Prison on the other hand. Is shawshank redemption meets the midnight express. Not much fun.

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