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Comment: Why Harvard? (Score 1) 528

by Ikester8 (#49710449) Attached to: Harvard Hit With Racial Bias Complaint
I understand the desire for students to want to get into Harvard. It's not like what they teach there is much different from what they teach anywhere else, academia being what it is. Harvard might have some ever-so-slightly better professors that other Ivy League colleges. Mostly the value of Harvard is in networking with professors and other students that will be the movers and shakers of the next generation of business and politics. That said, I think it would be just as well for a few wealthy Asian American tycoons to found their own college. If you can't join 'em, beat 'em.

Comment: Re:So far so good (Score 1) 166

by Ikester8 (#49055373) Attached to: Vint Cerf Warns Against 'Digital Dark Age'
Technically, you are correct. But there are many proprietary file formats that have been left in the dust. I'm not convinced of the utility of having to use an emulator for looking at, say, an old WordStar file from the early 90's when any modern word processing software should be able to open the file.

+ - Army Unit to Deploy in October for Domestic Ops->

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Ikester8 writes: "This headline ran on Democracy NOW! today. Looks like the October Surprise is going to be a little more surprising than we thought.

"Beginning in October, the Army plans to station an active unit inside the United States for the first time to serve as an on-call federal response in times of emergency. The 3rd Infantry Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team has spent thirty-five of the last sixty months in Iraq, but now the unit is training for domestic operations. The unit will soon be under the day-to-day control of US Army North, the Army service component of Northern Command. The Army Times reports this new mission marks the first time an active unit has been given a dedicated assignment to Northern Command. The paper says the Army unit may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control. The soldiers are learning to use so-called nonlethal weapons designed to subdue unruly or dangerous individuals and crowds.""

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