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Comment On earth. (Score 1) 242 242

I really can't think that Boeing would be so daft as to think that anyone would ever use this on Earth.

Project Pluto was supposed to be used on Earth. You know, if the Americans can't have it, then at least the commies wouldn't have it, either.


Comment Re: C++ is never the right tool (Score 1) 296 296

Once memory is allocated in an embedded system, it cannot be de-allocated.

Wait, you're not using the stack? ;)

Ok, back to serious mode - I'm working on small embedded stuff, and memory is either allocated statically or it's on the stack in the form of local variables. new/delete/malloc/free don't appear in my code, either.

Syntactic sugar causes cancer of the semicolon. -- Epigrams in Programming, ACM SIGPLAN Sept. 1982