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Comment Re:This is how train and air travel began, too. (Score 1) 164

Umm.. yes it would be a lot harder, and take a lot more fuel to stay up for longer. They are only hitting 65mi AGL. That's technically in space, but just barely (either 62 or 50 miles depending on who's counting). To stay up for an hour or so, they would have to reach something near Low Earth Orbit (LEO). For reference, the ISS is in LEO, and it takes ~90 minutes to complete one orbit. It's orbiting at an altitude of 190mi. Besides, weightless is a rather misleading term. Gravity is still pulling them down at nearly the same rate as it is on the ground (minus a percent or so). They are just falling (decelerating) at the same rate as the craft, and hence have no apparent weight,

Comment Re:Unmanned Warning System (Score 4, Insightful) 351

Wait a damn second here. You are against warning people about tsunamis because some might use it as a chance for looting? Personally, if there is a giant wall of watery death heading my way, I'd like to know about it. If some moron decides to stay behind to grab my stuff, I'll the aforementioned wall of watery death deal with him, wash away all evidence, including the moron himself.

Comment Re:Little attention was given. Read Consumer Repor (Score 1) 345

But people have 'known' that most cars made by the big 3 sucked for decades. All of the various imports have been trumpeting their safety and reliability as a major selling point. (And importantly people accepted it as true). When a car manufacturer in that position starts have issues people are more likely to notice.


Nmap 5.20 Released 36

ruphus13 writes "Nmap has a new release out, and it's a major one. It includes a GUI front-end called Zenmap, and, according to the post, 'Network admins will no doubt be excited to learn that Nmap is now ready to identify Snow Leopard systems, Android Linux smartphones, and Chumbies, among other OSes that Nmap can now identify. This release also brings an additional 31 Nmap Scripting Engine scripts, bringing the total collection up to 80 pre-written scripts for Nmap. The scripts include X11 access checks to see if on a system allows remote access, a script to retrieve and print an SSL certificate, and a script designed to see whether a host is serving malware. Nmap also comes with netcat and Ndiff. Source code and binaries are available from the Nmap site, including RPMs for x86 and x86_64 systems, and binaries for Windows and Mac OS X. '"

Comment Re:The problem is service provider sloppyness (Score 2, Insightful) 205

How does this provide any security? All the fake site needs to do is get the picture from the BoA site. (Heck a well written script could cause your machine to do it for them.) Once that happens you are no better off than you were before, and likely worse (Since you are training people to assume that "picture means legit", instead of other more secure methods.

Comment Re:Mars (Score 1) 130

I hear Mars might become a substitute for Earth in the future. That could really impact the value of your Earth and depreciate the assets in your non-diversified Earth portfolio.

So, the only logical response that I can see is blow up Mars. It will also teach that damn Marvin a lesson. "Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be a mars-shattering kaboom!"

Comment Re:Cost of Convenience? (Score 1) 439

What I'd really like is for drivers to be taught how to deal with distractions. Distractions should actually be part of the training (once the basics are mastered) and part of the driving test.

Forget testing about dealing with distractions, the US needs to start testing basic driving ability.

Comment Re:Alternative Viewpoint (Score 1) 360

If participants or protestors won't shut up and keep disrupting the event, they should get kicked out by security.

Why don't you read what actually happened instead of making up your own version and commenting about it?

From what I can tell, all the protestors did was put up flyers and banners. The Novell reps then told the organizers that the organizers would not be getting their sponsor money if the banners and flyers remained up. The organizers then demanded that the protestors take them down; the protestors refused. The organizers then decided to call the cops and forcibly remove the protestors, the banners, and any visual documentation of their actions.

So, basically the protesters disrupted the event and got the cops called when they refused to stop?


ISECOM's Top 10 Real Computer Crimes 155

thelordx writes "ISECOM, the Institute for Security and Open Methodologies, has just posted their Top 10 Real Computer Crimes for 2007 and Beyond. This list runs the gambit from poorly designed patches to chlamydia! It's entertaining, but also scary, as many of us could fall victim to some or all of them."

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