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Comment Re:I'm careful about using the term "Evil" (Score 1) 108

I consider a willful act of doing harm to be worse than negligence.

Only on a case-by-case basis. For example, I'd consider widespread willful negligence that results in the deaths of thousands do be way more serious a crime than a serial killer who's reaching his second dozen victims.

Adding proper security is probably a small portion of the total cost of development and I doubt many device manufactures would knowingly skimp in that area knowing how vulnerable they are to lawsuits. What is more likely to happen is that attacks get more sophisticated over time and products that did have reasonable security when implanted in your body 5 years ago, don't anymore.

That's not how security works, except security by obscurity. Bugs don't mysteriously appear in old code; they have always been there and are merely discovered. You can build code that is and will forever be resistant to network attacks (unless they find your password). I understand it's possible to build provably secure code, it's just very expensive.

Comment Easy answer (Score 2) 107

If the CIO of an Internet of Things company is spending 1/3 of their time thinking about security, yet is still so incompetent... maybe they would be better off paying 1/3 of a CIO's salary to a random slashdotter for 5 minutes of their time.

Of course, no matter how long they take thinking about security, they're still going to sacrifice security for usability every time, so I don't know what purpose thinking about it has.

Comment Re:Is this some luddite anti-tech site? (Score 1) 91

Maybe because it seems that this personal helicopter performs most of the functions of a drone, except poorly and at great cost. How exactly do they plan to use this for firefighting?

Real jetpack wearing firefighters would use a modified firehose-propelled backpack to lift themselves into the air. :-p

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