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Comment Re: Fascist bastards ... (Score 2) 182

Freedom of speech applies to everyone, else you don't have it. The First Amendment only (in theory) protects your freedom of speech from government reprisal. However, anytime someone faces consequences for their speech, whether from the government or private parties, it interferes with their freedom of speech, primarily through self-censorship.

Remember, government has never stopped someone from speaking their mind. That's entirely self-censorship. Even regimes which would execute you for your speech relied on self-censorship rather than having you followed by someone who would cover your mouth if you said the wrong thing. Private parties use exactly the same method to suppress speech as the most repressive regimes -- encouraging self-censorship because speech has consequences.

Comment Re:Pay more, get more (Score 1) 152

; relevance does/should not take into account "paid a bunch to Google".

No, but "paid a bunch to Google" probably correlates to "has a bunch of money" which probably correlates to "relevance/popularity". Although it would be interesting to know if Google has finally decided to commit search engine suicide by replacing relevant results with sponsored ones.

Comment Re:Here's a better idea (Score 1) 199

Why do you hate our economy? Ask yourself this: Which will increase the GDP more:
1) A few broadband connections whose total monthly price is $BIGNUM
2) A lot more broadband connections but at a lower total cost due to competition

Clearly if you want to maximize a mostly worthless financial measurement, you want few products at outrageous prices.

Comment Re:Not the holy grail (Score 2) 395

GP is right, if we really wanted to we could use a heat pump to collect and condense Earth's thermal energy, and radiate it into space (energy radiated is proportional to temperature to the fourth power). Literal space heaters. Of course, the craziest environmentalist's most expensive idea would be cheaper than air conditioning the planet.

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