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Comment Re:And now he gets even more money...HONEST Money (Score 3, Insightful) 231

All I see is a bunch of wannabe critics who obviously ooze with jealousy because they've never been able to achieve this level of success outside of their mere rantings they contribute to the comments section of Slashdot. Of course some of those who are posting such harsh criticisms are probably guilty of nothing but ignorance because they have yet to figure out how to do what many are doing... Personally, I believe the opportunities that come along with ads on blogs and websites are a win-win situation. Advertisers like them, Publishers like them and Uncle Sam likes them - why shouldn't you? And even if you don't, no one is forcing you to click. Sheesh! Besides WHAT are ya'all complaining about? At least the folks making money from blogging or a variety of other internet based avenues are helping support the millions of people on welfare regardless of what part of the world they are in. Helps keep YOUR taxes lower, don'cha think? Got things to say? Get a Blog! Perhaps people will like you well enough to click on you too! Iggy

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