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Comment: Re:So tablets at PCs now? (Score 1) 577

by Ifthir (#42831843) Attached to: Apple Now the Top PC Vendor, For Some Values of PC

Yes, but as documented elsewhere in this thread, the report showing Apple as #1 is in fact evidence of incorrect definition or incorrect methodology. By your own statement, you believe IPads are not PC's, thus proving my point that the report is flawed, and your statement evidences that you agree that it is flawed.

Others have clearly documented how Nintendo has sold far more units than Apple, even counting IPhone's as computers.

The media obsession with Apple can only be explained as fanbois or those who hold Apple stock and hope the fluff nets them a profit.

Comment: Linux Kernel Developer want ad? (Score 2, Funny) 214

by Ifthir (#42683709) Attached to: Alan Cox Exits Intel, Linux Development

1. Must work for free
2. Must be willing to write tons of extra code to insure you dont break others incorrect code in their applications
3. Must be willing to listen to your egotistical boss act like he doesn't understand rule 1.

Maybe I am not seeing the ocean from the beach here but why the fuck would anyone want to do that sort of work?

Comment: Money? Really? (Score 3, Informative) 382

by Ifthir (#42580967) Attached to: MIT Investigating School's Role In Swartz Suicide
MITIMCo is a division of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, created to manage and oversee the investment of the Institute's endowment, retirement and operating funds. As of June 30, 2012, MITIMCo had more than $15 billion of total assets under management.
The Internet

+ - Etree denial of serviced?

Submitted by
Ifthir writes: "Rumors are abounding in the music community that has been getting denial of serviced for the last four days. What kind of a douche do you have to be to DDoS a free online sharing community? Has anyone else out there heard about this?"

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