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Comment Re:What about the tsunami? (Score 1) 172

Sorry, I know this is Slashdot, but please. . . how do the tsunami deaths mitigate the meltdown's damage? Yes, the tsunami itself was one of the worst disasters in Japan's modern history. Ergo, it was the WORST time to have a meltdown. Simultaneous disasters have multiplier affects off of each other, which makes everything WORSE. The meltdown diverted resources that could have gone to helping more people impacted by the tsunami. Straightforward things like gathering the dead and cleaning up the wreckage afterwards were made way more difficult thanks to contamination. Disaster countermeasure planning was made way more complicated and ineffective thanks to the timing of the meltdown.

Your logic is like, "he was already on the ground when I kicked him in the stomach, therefore, it was not that bad, right?" The fact that meltdown's are likely to happen at the WORST time possible is not something you should be focusing on if the point you are trying to make is, "it was not THAT bad."

Comment Re:Well, sure, but... (Score 2) 295

Label space does not seem like it should matter anymore. . .

If there is an app for me to compare brick & mortar items with online items in real time, it seems we are living in a time where it should be trivial and cheap to quickly access all the information you would ever want to know about an item before you purchase it.

Comment Re:I've said it before (Score 1) 391

zero independent problem solving ability

Oh, look! Another one of the "privileged" writes-off the unwashed masses. . .

If your ego allows it, you might ask yourself the following:
-Did these people look exhausted due to working 3 jobs?
-Did they look demoralized because their under-privileged status had resulted in endless mind-numbing tasks?
-Were they self-medicating because life at their socio-economic level really sucks?
-Perhaps you mistook poor second language skills as poor first language skills?
-Or, perhaps they just knew how to act around a prick with a superiority complex?

Just my own observation. . . there are a hell lot more pretentious pricks out there than folks with "zero independent problem solving ability," such that, when you see a post like yours it is more likely due to the former than the latter. . .

Not sure yet what the best solution is to the overall problem, but I am pretty sure being a pretentious dick and writing-off large groups of people is just going to make things worse.

Comment Brave new world. . . (Score 1) 59

Everywhere you go in public will be trackable and connectable to your online "public" activities by mapping your DNA to a picture of you online. Laws will not be able to prevent this. This will just become the new norm. . .

Of course, this will also increase the public scrutiny of public officials and other powerful individuals, which I can only see as a good thing (as any "House of Cards" fan should be able to agree with. . .).

Comment Technology = do more with less (Score 2) 367

isn't compatible with 7+ billion people

I find this type of argument ignores real world trends. Per capita resource requirements in the developed world are trending downward (thanks to tech like LEDs, etc . . .) while populations are stable or declining. Most underdeveloped nations are becoming developed and experiencing the same trends once they become developed.

"too small" is relative to your tech and our tech is increasing at an ever faster pace, thanks in no small part to the large number of participants. Malthusianism has been a horrible predictor of the future. Why would it start working now?

Comment Re:So how are open source projects any better? (Score 1) 26

"How are open source projects any better"

Obviously, the difference is that you can add features yourself (or pay someone to do so), if you really need those features. This is incredibly important if you are providing a product or service that has dependencies on external tools.

However, if you are a "whiny consumer" type user who feels entitled to software (without contributing anything yourself), I agree there is little difference between closed and open source to you. Your sense of self entitlement and ability to only consume and not contribute anything means you will never be able to take responsibility for your own experience with software. Accordingly, your experience with software will always be a poor one.

Comment Re:Please tell me. . . (Score 1) 74

Not sure if it is my writing style or just the average /.er's reading comprehension but "every time I go to the doctor" does not indicate the actual frequency of doctor visits nor the severity of a given visit. It could apply to an average visit of once every 4 years due to symptoms serious enough that official advice is "go see a doctor if you have symptoms like this" (which describes my case) .

Yes, since the tools to economically diagnose viral vs bacterial infections does not exist, doctors do tend to push antibiotics like complete idiots, just incase you have bacterial infection (that is kind of the whole point of my earlier post. . .).

Comment Please tell me. . . (Score 4, Insightful) 74

that I can get this test so that next time I get sick they can check the difference and have an explicit idea of what I have. . .

Now, every time I go to the doctor, they are like "we will put you on these antibiotics and if you don't get better, you have a virus." It feels like the freaking middle ages. . .

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