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Submission + - Yahoo "dumbs down" news sections (

An anonymous reader writes: Yahoo has now removed the "Health", "Business", "US", "World", "Politics" and "Sports" summary news sections at the bottom of the page and now only has: "Science", "Technology", "The Sideshow", and "The Ticket" (I'm uncertain what these last two categories represent). While the other sections appear to be accessible via the top-level menus, this appears to be a step back in usability, ie: what used to be on the home page now requires a few clicks to get to. Some readers have already begun voicing their discontent:

Submission + - Is your iPad keeping you up at night? (

alphadogg writes: Researchers have discovered that relatively little exposure to tablets and other electronics with backlit displays can keep people up at night by messing with their circadian rhythms. The study from the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute showed that a 2-hour exposure to electronic devices with such displays causes suppression of the melatonin hormone and could make it especially tough for teens to fall asleep. The study, funded by Sharp Laboratories of America, simulated usage of such devices among 13 people using special glasses/goggles and light meters

Submission + - What Buying Video Online Looks Like In 2012 (

jfruh writes: "It's the distant year 2012 and we can buy video on demand now ... just not very conveniently. Tech blogger Kevin Purdy contemplated the state of today's legitimate downlowd market, then tried to render how video purchasing works today in magic marker and came up with this monstrosity. He examines the reasons why content creators are still putting up roadblocks"

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