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Comment Re:Nothing open to the sky (Score 2) 114

If rehabilitation were the main goal of imprisonment, then there would be no practical reason to keep people in prison after they are rehabilitated, and knowing that they'll be set free as soon as they are reformed would be a powerful motivator for prisoners to avoid breaking the rules by, for example, accepting contraband by drone.

Amazing things could happen if we were to align the goals of prisoners with the goals of the rest of society.

Comment Re:Easy, Less Corporate Greed (Score 1) 249

Yes, that's called "arbitrage." It results from prices that are set far below market equilibrium. Those "rednecks," as you call them, are doing a valuable service by preventing a shortage of supplies. Yes, the prices may seem high, but at least you can buy what they are selling, and that gives you a choice that you wouldn't have otherwise.

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