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Comment: Re:$3500 to get black listed by ever IT corp. (Score 2) 141

by IchBinEinPenguin (#35191562) Attached to: Piracy Whistleblowers Paid $57K In 2010
Stigma? Please! Only a company which commits illegal acts would have a problem with this.

So.. How do you like working for Santa Inc.?
commits illegal acts is pretty much page unavoidable these days given the number of laws.


Comment: Re:Don't measure WPM (Score 1) 545

by IchBinEinPenguin (#34668246) Attached to: Does Typing Speed Really Matter For Programmers?
// start with a salutation
Hi Leto,

// whitespace

// brief introduction
I'm a software engineer.

// show off
I've been writing programs for over 2 decades.
// might need to change that bit later.....

/* ****** DON'T NEED THIS
// enumerate languages
I've written in just about everything from C to REXX to Python and Basic.

// scold
I couldn't help but notice that your program lacked proper comments.

// be obnoxious
I also couldn't help but notice the glaringly obvious flaw in your program.

// be condescending
In case you can't find the problem I'll give you a hint: Null Pointer Exception.

// whitespace

// sign off
with friendly regards,


// PS
// dammit... I'll bet someone will have beaten me to this joke 'cos I didn't type it fast enough!

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