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Comment Re:$3500 to get black listed by ever IT corp. (Score 2) 141 141

Stigma? Please! Only a company which commits illegal acts would have a problem with this.

So.. How do you like working for Santa Inc.?
commits illegal acts is pretty much page unavoidable these days given the number of laws.

Comment Re:Don't measure WPM (Score 1) 545 545

// start with a salutation
Hi Leto,

// whitespace

// brief introduction
I'm a software engineer.

// show off
I've been writing programs for over 2 decades.
// might need to change that bit later.....

/* ****** DON'T NEED THIS
// enumerate languages
I've written in just about everything from C to REXX to Python and Basic.

// scold
I couldn't help but notice that your program lacked proper comments.

// be obnoxious
I also couldn't help but notice the glaringly obvious flaw in your program.

// be condescending
In case you can't find the problem I'll give you a hint: Null Pointer Exception.

// whitespace

// sign off
with friendly regards,


// PS
// dammit... I'll bet someone will have beaten me to this joke 'cos I didn't type it fast enough!

Comment Re:The article title is inaccurate and inflammator (Score 1) 162 162

... an audience that doesn't take the minimal time necessary to examine the source material provided ...

In other words, people don't RTFA.

In other news: water is wet, the sun it bright, the moon is round and sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

UNIX is many things to many people, but it's never been everything to anybody.