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by rivercityrandom (#45906751) Attached to: Algorithm Aims To Predict Fiction Bestsellers

Ask yourself: What is seen much more now in your culture? What makes you think you have any choice but to latch onto any thoughts but those which come to mind from within? What makes you think society can choose from among the roiling themes anything other than what pattern is most apt?

Judging from the large amount of post-apocalyptic movies and books that are currently popular, I'd say the end of the world is fast approaching.

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by rivercityrandom (#44265255) Attached to: PC Sales See 'Longest Decline' In History
My 386 back in the day booted to an OS (albeit MS-DOS) in about ten seconds, had an excellent (IBM Model M) input device, and ran numerous productivity and games software pretty quickly and seldom ever crashed. And the only virus it got, I think, was that stupid prank that turned your screen upside down. I think I wouldn't mind an ARM tablet with similar qualifications :)

+ - The reason we lose at games->

Submitted by JacobAlexander
JacobAlexander (2666707) writes "Writing in PNAS, a University of Manchester physicist has discovered that some games are simply impossible to fully learn, or too complex for the human mind to understand. Dr Tobias Galla from The University of Manchester and Professor Doyne Farmer from Oxford University and the Santa Fe Institute, ran thousands of simulations of two-player games to see how human behaviour affects their decision-making."
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If bankers can count, how come they have eight windows and only four tellers?