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Comment Re:No Flash, though, please. (Score 1) 57

A fan on the HR Wiki created a Greasemonkey script that adds a pause button, fast forward/rewind functions, subtitles, and a bunch of other goodies to the Homestar Runner cartoons. It makes watching them so much easier. It also makes it much easier to find the easter eggs. I am not involved with this script in any way, I just think it's cool.

Comment Re:Spaceballs (Score 1) 457

It makes the prequels more palatable to me to imagine that they are actually prequels to Spaceballs instead of the original Star Wars movies. Have you ever noticed that Rick Moranis and Hayden Christiansen have a similar Canadian accent?

Comment Re:The illusion of choice made real. (Score 1) 146

Ask yourself: What is seen much more now in your culture? What makes you think you have any choice but to latch onto any thoughts but those which come to mind from within? What makes you think society can choose from among the roiling themes anything other than what pattern is most apt?

Judging from the large amount of post-apocalyptic movies and books that are currently popular, I'd say the end of the world is fast approaching.

Comment Re:This is the slope before the cliff (Score 1) 385

My 386 back in the day booted to an OS (albeit MS-DOS) in about ten seconds, had an excellent (IBM Model M) input device, and ran numerous productivity and games software pretty quickly and seldom ever crashed. And the only virus it got, I think, was that stupid prank that turned your screen upside down. I think I wouldn't mind an ARM tablet with similar qualifications :)

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