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Comment: Open Rights Group working this (Score 1) 394

by Ian.Waring (#43261753) Attached to: UK Bloggers Could Face Libel Fines Unless Registered As Press
The ORG have suggested an amendment to the bills words to explicitly exclude any "small business" from this law, which was really intended to be targeted at mass market newspaper owners only - ie: those with the financial resources to behave above the law against victims who couldn't afford to bite back. Link is If folks sign, it sends an email to three key MPs which gives a specific sentence to add as an amendment to the bill as it goes through Parliament. Very nicely done.

Comment: There is a hardware issue (Score 1) 202

by Ian.Waring (#41124653) Attached to: Serious Problems With USB and Ethernet On the Raspberry Pi
There is electrical interference between the board and the USB interface that results in the Ethernet connection dropping packets. The solution is to cut the +5V (red) wire or insulate the matching pin on a device connecting via USB to the board. In all other ways, things are fine if you're powering 5V at 850mA to 1A. So, just a small bug to fix on the next iteration of the board design.

Comment: Going radical? (Score 0) 150

by Ian.Waring (#40055783) Attached to: Software Patents Good For Open Source?
Patent systems were originally put in place to stop inventors hoarding ideas that would help society at large. Open source is the ultimate share - there is inherently no hoarding taking place. So, if you manage to release something under a recognised open source license, should the work be immune from patent claims anyway? Sometimes wonder what the world would be like if patent systems were all killed off completely anyway, but that's a longer story.

Comment: Scott Oki had one (Score 2) 143

by Ian.Waring (#39761125) Attached to: 30 Years of the TRS-80 Model 100
I recall Microsofts International VP, Scott Oki, tapping away on his Model 100 when he visited us at DEC in 1983. I had the privilege of taking Paul Maritz, now of VMware, into seeing my CEO in 2011, and while waiting for my CEO, got chatting about iPads. I mentioned Scott Oki, and he said he remembered Scott going everywhere with that Tandy TRS 80 Model 100. Wasn't it actually made by Kyocera?

Comment: Intel's Hail Mary Attempt (Score 1) 93

by Ian.Waring (#39613449) Attached to: Intel Aims 'One Tablet Per Child' Program at Developing Countries
Given the price of ARM based boards (and some MIPS based ones) are below $25, run Linux really well and have 100+ factories churning them out in at least one area of China, I think Intel have over cooked their target price.


Clearly, the display will be a big cost, and integrating it as one system will add more cost, but it feels like Intel will be considerably more expensive at their published price points. I'll guess at 50% higher.

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