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Comment Re:Musk running away (Score 1) 414

It's all a big fake-out to get more people to line up with the telephone sanitizers.

accused Musk and other space-minded billionaires of plotting to abandon the planet to the ravages of global warming while they go to Mars to live the good life.

Seems more likely to me that Musk is going to Mars to get as far as possible from the idiot who wrote this piece and the likes of him.

Comment Re:Um... (Score 1) 385

Seriously, fuck "meant". Hold my beer for a second, and watch this...

Also, I wonder if humans were meant to get this far? We evolved from basic primates to this level through millions of years. If you take an intelligent lifeform, is it possible that given enough time, it will always find a way to self-modify itself? Questions we might want to start asking ourselves, because we'll certainly want the protocol figured out before we actually get to immortality...

Comment Re:They shouldn't trust people's expressed opinion (Score 1) 109

tl;dr: hamburgers

>> NBC doesn't trust what viewers say when asked for their opinion on shows.

They shouldn't trust people's expressed opinions. How many people have you heard say naive things like "I'm not influenced by advertising" or "I do my own research"? And yet, advertising works, particularly because advertisers know where prospects go to "research" and get their pitches in there.

This article should disabuse anyone of the notion that they are not influenced by advertising. They are studying brain physiology in order to sell you stuff! They are operating on a subconscious level that many people aren't even aware exists! We have little defense if our conscious mind doesn't even enter into the equation. And if you think these techniques are just used to make you want hamburgers, think again.

Advertising and other forms of subconscious manipulation are used to sell you wars, government policies and political candidates. People think their opinions are their own, but often they have just been selected from a menu presented to them by the media.

Yeah, advertising works. Millions if not billions of dollars have been spent to understand how you think, what motivates you, and how to influence that without your knowledge. Anyone who thinks they are not affected is foolish and ignorant.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 134

You sound just like your typical computer illiterate person getting mad when listening to a programmer complain that the programming in a TV show is nonsense. "What is it with you, why do you have to comment about how your job is represented in movies or TV series?"

To use a Nickelback analogy:

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