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Comment Re:Of course they did... (Score 1) 214 214

To be fair, they're using the same shade of blue that AT&T uses for its logos and corporate art. Go to, and everything is that shade of blue. Verizon, by contrast, uses red in its logos and corporate art. They're just using the same identifying colors that each brand has already chosen.

Comment Re:Very tempted to get this (Score 1) 451 451

DRM is bad, agreed—but monopoly is worse. If you buy a Kindle, you are buying into a scheme where you can buy media from only one vendor, and your media is not likely to ever be readable anywhere but on your Kindle.

That's no more true for a Kindle than it is for an iPod.

If you buy DRMed books from Amazon, then those books won't be useful on other devices. But, just as there are many sources for un-DRMed music, there are many sources for un-DRMed ebooks. Use one of them.

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