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Comment Content please (Score 1) 50

Really need the content. I have an Oculus DK1 and a Cardboard viewer too - I really, really want to be a fan but there's only so many roller coasters and dinosaur parks I need to see.

You could do great things even now with it - there's some interesting solar system exploration apps for example. Too few people are actually doing this though, and my viewers more or less sit in a cupboard doing nothing. The push needs to be towards applications (including games yes, but other stuff too) and not just the hardware.

Comment Re:If you can afford to live well enough to (Score 1) 176

If you deal with kids you might have found one that has an unhealthy obsession. It could be reading, video games, fighting, watching tv, pokemon cards, whatever... You eventually have to step in and say you can only do this activity for this much time and you need to find something else to do with the rest of your time.

The 91% tax rate functions much like this. It says, "Dude, your just running up the scoreboard. There's more to life." Some people just never mature enough on their own.

Submission + - Push To Hack: Reverse engineering an IP camera (

tetraverse writes: For our most recent IoT adventure, we've examined an outdoor cloud security camera which like many devices of its generation a) has an associated mobile app b) is quick to setup and c) presents new security threats to your network.

Submission + - Patent troll VirnetX awarded $626M in damages from Apple (

Tackhead writes: Having won a $200M judgement against Microsoft in 2010, lost a $258M appeal against Cisco in 2013, and having beaten Apple for $368M in 2012, only to see the verdict overturned in 2014, patent troll VirnetX is back in the news, having been awarded $626M in damages arising from the 2012 Facetime patent infringement case against Apple.

Submission + - Stephen Elop Assumes Position In McMaster University

jones_supa writes: Technology maven Stephen Elop is coming home. McMaster University has officially announced that the former alumnus and Microsoft and Nokia executive has been named the distinguished engineering executive in residence at the school's faculty of engineering. It is an advisory position, where he will give insights into new research and teaching opportunities, as well as helping to translating academic knowledge to a wider audience. He will also give lectures twice a year, as well as sit on the dean's advisory council and act as an advisor to the dean. Elop is an alumnus of the McMaster Computer Engineering and Management Program, where he graduated in 1986. The faculty also awarded him with an honorary doctor of science degree in 2009.

Comment Re:ownCLoud (Score 1) 52

Crashplan is my choice because it allows you to use a friend's storage as well - best of both worlds if you do happen to have some technically-inclined friends. I have the free Crashplan service where I dedicate some space on a NAS to other people, and in return they are dedicated space on their machines for me. Works well.

Comment Re:Something's changed at Morgan's management (Score 2) 51

Although I agree with your post, that wasn't 'a management consultant'. That was Sir John Harvey-Jones, former chief executive of the UK's largest manufacturer - Imperial Chemical Industries, better known as ICI.

I agree with your point and it's a classic example, but he wasn't randomly brought in to businesses. At the time Morgan's future was far from certain, and he was brought in to advise on it. Morgan listened, said thank you and decided to keep going their own way. They did change though - look at the Aero 8, definitely not ye olde Morgan.

Comment Re:Same way they do things at my employer. (Score 1) 250

Sure, there's no way you can construe "males" to mean "white males" based on your sloppy writing. The educational data certainly does account for income and race. Whites do better in both, with less poverty and more opportunity when in poverty.

That's not to say there aren't plenty of whites with problem worse then plenty of other colors, but your blanket statement alleging lack of opportunity for white males is simply not true.
Maybe there is a lack of opportunity for assholes, that would explain your problems. If I had more time I would look for some data for you, since you appear to have substandard analysis skills.

Comment Re: It's a start (Score 1) 250

I'm not sure I see alot of "not judging by others of my race's action" from the white people are discriminated against crowd. In fact, it seems like minorities in general are being lumped together, whether we identify ourselves that way or not.
I'm hispanic, but ethnically ambiguous. I get asked if I'm asian often and I thought I could pass for white, but my white wife disagrees.

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