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Comment Re:Historical data (Score 1) 19

In Oregon a rising minimum wage has increased consumption to the point of offsetting the job losses from a rising minimum wage?

And note that fewer jobs is the price of fairness; it's not fair that some have more than others, so more must be taken from them, with whatever downsides that result.

Comment Re:Comedy of errors (Score 1) 763

Right because somone who does not possess electronics knowledge can tell the difference between a PCB for a cheap electronic clock and one that is some kind of detonator.

The school officials, and the police, all asserted that they had exactly that ability, as none of them actually invoked a single procedure that they had in place for dealing with a suspected bomb.

Schools get evacuated on the basis of a single anonymous phone call which says there's a bomb in a locker. It happens on a regular basis. Yet when they had the device IN HAND, they very obviously made the determination that it was in no way, shape or form dangerous. They did not evacuate the school. They did not call in bomb disposal. The teacher kept it in a desk drawer for a fair length of time. The police transported the 'device' in the same vehicle that they used to perpshame Ahmed.

They didn't just believe it wasn't a bomb, they made a specific determination, at every level and at every point in the debacle, that it wasn't a bomb, and SPECIFICALLY CHOSE to not invoke the procedures that all start with 'If there is ANY possibility that there is a bomb, do this....'

Comment Re: Good! (Score 1) 356

Ha, I've seen corporate efficiency. Spend every dollar so our budget doesn't get cut. Pad those expenses so we can get more money next year. New furniture with no employees to sit at it because we cut headcounts. Strategic decisions that force anyone who isn't brain dead to polish off their resume and change jobs, leaving only the cream of the crop (of dumbasses).

Comment Re:No! (Score 2) 763

Being arrested requires that charges be filed.

Incorrect. You're 'detained' of the officer stops you for any reason. You're 'under arrest' if you don't feel free to leave, if the police transport you anywhere, or uses force to prevent you from leaving. The officer requires 'reasonable suspicion' to detain you, and requires 'probable cause' to arrest you, but it DOES NOT need to lead to charges. The officer can reasonably believe you were commiting a crime, then turn out to be wrong, or have new evidence come to light without it having been false arrest.

Your twenty minutes is plucked out of the air and meaningless.

Actually, it's a rule of thumb applied by the SCOTUS. Google it a bit and you'll find all sorts of case law, opinions, and the like.

Otherwise, google 'detention versus arrest' and you'll find all sorts of legal jurisprudence about it. Like this. Or this. Or even this.

TLDR: You can be 'detained' on suspicion. If you're not free to go, if the officer moves you, or if the officer starts calling in backup, drug sniffing dogs, and the like, you're under arrest. If he develops 'probable cause' to believe you've committed a crime, he can arrest you.

Submission + - GlassRAT Targets Chinese Nationals, Lurked for 3 Years Undetected (

chicksdaddy writes: RSA researchers issued a report today ( about a remote access trojan (or RAT) program dubbed “GlassRAT” that they are linking to sophisticated and targeted attacks on “Chinese nationals associated with large multinational corporations," The Security Ledger reports. (

Discovered by RSA in February of this year, GlassRAT was first created in 2012 and “appears to have operated, stealthily, for nearly 3 years in some environments,” in part with the help of a legitimate certificate from a prominent Chinese software publisher and signed by Symantec and Verisign, RSA reports.

The software is described as a “simple but capable RAT” that packs reverse shell features that allow attackers to remotely control infected computers as well as transfer files and list active processes. The dropper program associated with the file poses as the Adobe Flash player, and was named “Flash.exe” when it was first detected.

RSA discovered it on the PC of a Chinese national working for a large, U.S. multi-national corporation. RSA had been investigating suspicious network traffic on the enterprise network. RSA says telemetry data and anecdotal reports suggest that GlassRAT may principally be targeting Chinese nationals or other Chinese speakers, in China and elsewhere, since at least early 2013.

RSA said it has discovered links between GlassRAT and earlier malware families including Mirage, Magicfire and PlugX. Those applications have been linked to targeted campaigns against the Philippine military and the Mongolian government. (

User Journal

Journal Journal: circular economics, or sound 19

I haven't been regularly visiting /. these last several months. I got a dog, a 2 year old Golden Retriever, and have been breaking him in to life with me. That and I have to get up at a time in the morning that begins with a "4" lately, AKA "oh-dark-thirty", so I hardly ever even turn my computer on during the week. Pre-pooch, I must've just been doing it cuz I was bored. Okay, that didn't sound right. But then again, Slashdot really is mostly just people making faux-in

Comment looks familiar (Score 1) 78

"You never criticized X during period Y, therefore Z is privileged"

Isn't that just a specific implementation of the more general case, of "if X, then you're not allowed free speech about Y", where X is anything they can think of?

TL;DR: I wouldn't let the resemblance to an argument there make you think that sound reasoning on things is a shared virtue. Any more than Democrat politicians throwing in an occasional accent from the hood means they have street cred.

Comment crud (Score 1) 2

"He entered the motorcycle hall of fame after he was already dead and he remains dead today."

And all this time I believed the motorcycle hall of fame had resurrecting power.

p.s. Congrats for posting a link to site that doesn't have a fucking popover for a change.

Comment Re:A few problems with that ... (Score 1) 7

Maybe Mayhicko is de facto non- birthright citizenship. Either way, it certainly doesn't matter to me. It's strange they would use that -- a Left-wing tactic -- as "support" for a Right-wing position. When Rightism certainly isn't about relativism, or being overly concerned about others. I know I don't look to my neighbors to decide how my life should be, so why would I think America should take cues from other countries. Especially arbitrary categorizations of them; why on earth would I think that nations belonging to the "industrialized" community, to use you guys' lingo, should think and act the same.

p.s. Congrats on your frosty piss.

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