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Comment: Re:Ukraine's borders were changed by use of force (Score 1) 303

by gmhowell (#46764195) Attached to: Is Crimea In Russia? Internet Companies Have Different Answers

Honestly I don't get the stance of some ppl from the US against Russia.
Russia is the best friend and has been the most loyal, the strongest and the most valuable ally for the USA. Really. At times of apocalyptic events Russians and Americans stood together. It was before and it may be again when we have to save the Earth itself. Nobody can help the US but Russia when things get hot. Alienating Russians is what make things worse.

Those things are called movies. The space aliens didn't really invade Earth.

Idiot, he was referring to the documentary about the asteroid that they blew up with the nuke. You know, when Daredevil makes out with Arwen.

Comment: Re:Shareholders profits? (Score 1) 145

by gmhowell (#46764147) Attached to: How Amazon Keeps Cutting AWS Prices: Cheapskate Culture

Replying to myself: I assumed they would cut expenses to feed the shareholders but I was wrong. TFA explains:

Amazon generated a whopping $74.45 billion in revenue for its financial year to 31 December 2013, but just $274 million in net income, a margin of roughly 0.3 percent. It sells Kindles at cost.

Compare this with Google, which saw net income of $12.9 billion on revenues of $59.8 billion for the year to 31 December 2013, a margin on 21.6 percent; or to Microsoft, which posted revenue of $77.9 billion for the year to 30 June, with a net income $21.9 billion, a margin of 28.1 percent

Question is: how do they manage to make shareholders accept that?

I'm guessing the investors expect Amazon to become and stay the Walmart of the internet (or perhaps the Sears and Roebuck from catalog days) and be be able to either ramp up margins or pay them at that level for a LONG time.

Comment: Re:Why is this crap on the internet (Score 1) 95

by gmhowell (#46762409) Attached to: Lack of US Cybersecurity Across the Electric Grid

It was actually wishful thinking rather than faith. I've seen the same things you describe. I've also seen where things like this are swept under the rug forever. Then, the root cause analysis comes back and people flip shit because nothing was done about it in the past. Well, nothing other than ignore the recomendations of us morlocks...

Comment: Re:Ex Post Facto Law (Score 1) 630

by gmhowell (#46761729) Attached to: IRS Can Now Seize Your Tax Refund To Pay a Relative's Debt

And yet Article 1, Section 9 makes no distinction between civil and criminal. How did the 'precedent' (pronounced 'bullshit') get set that this only refers to criminal issues?

If what he said is true, then this is yet another (out of many) example of the courts 'creatively interpreting' (in other words, modifying it with invisible ink) the constitution.

Sure, it's a wikipedia link, but it's trivial to verify.

Comment: AR-15 (Score 1) 2

by RailGunner (#46758139) Attached to: It's just hard to take Justice Stevens seriously
If stupidity hurt, Stevens would require a morphine drip.

As far as why the AR-15 is so popular... everyone who ones one has their reasons that they like it, so I'll give you mine:

+ Accuracy. The hole in the paper is typically *exactly* where I wanted to put it, and if it isn't, it was my fault.
+ Recoil. The .223 Rem / 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge in an AR-15 has very little recoil. Women and some children can fire this weapon standing up. (Though our idiot VP says "Get a shotgun", I've seen too many women who were unable to handle a 12 gauge... but the AR-15? No problem.)
+ Rail system. The AR platform is very customizable with scopes, lights... some day, I'll trick mine out, but in the mean time I can still shoot a tick off a dog's ass at 100 yards with it with the iron sights. ;)

+ The .223 Rem / 5.56x45mm NATO round. Simply put, against a human target, this round is devastating. For self/home defense, the 30 round magazine allows for you to miss a few times and still put a hurting on the bad guy, and the round itself tumbles and fragments causing intense damage to internal organs despite being a comparably small projectile to even the often maligned 9mm round. This round will also take down smaller animals -- deer, wild hogs -- while some states will not let you hunt with the .223 cartridge, the .223 round WILL drop a deer.

(Not as reliably as that .30-06 rifle I'm hoping to get for my birthday, but it's still effective.)

Consider this:

And compare to my choice of handgun caliber, the mighty .45 ACP:

See the difference? It's breathtaking.

Of course, for pure devastation you need a .50 caliber rifle round:

So why do the gun grabbers hate it?

1. It's black, and most liberals are secretly racist
2. It's "scary" looking

In summation: accurate, low recoil, customizable, effective cartridge against both human and deer. AR-15's are AWESOME.

Comment: Re:Sadly, sounds like I was right (Score 1) 202

by gmhowell (#46754395) Attached to: Mozilla Appoints Former Marketing Head Interim CEO

Losing Eich is going to be the worst thing to ever happen to Mozilla, mark my words.

How is losing someone that thinks 20% of his employees are subhuman not a good thing? He hates his gay employees. He publicly admitted he is a Nazi that wants to steal their rights. He gave money to a cause that attacks them. Unless you are one of them, how can you defend his kind? Hopefully it won't be that many decades before society has progressed enough to put your kind behind bars to protect the rest of us from your intolerance.

20%? Got a citation for that, or just wishful thinking?

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