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Comment Blockades (Score 2) 468

I work for the State, a place where progress, innovation, unique thinking and independent action, go to die.
But man are the perks awesome. As is (in my case anyway) the pay, it's obscene. Especially compared to the amount of work I am allowed to do.

Most of the day I am in an office, handling systems remotely, but when the systems properly locked down and managed, very little goes wrong.

So I write, read, and generally goof off. Sounds great, no?

Not really, anytime there is an actual issue (like out NAS running out of space) I have to get 15 different people involved before I am allowed to make a decision, and then my decision is sent around for review.

I've been waiting for a larger NAS for 8 months so far...

Comment Let me see if I have the meeting right (Score 3, Funny) 480

Picture this at a management meeting:

"Our stock is at an all-time low, profits are down, moral is gone, all our good engineers have left. What are we gonna do?"

"I know! We'll ban casual dress, that'll solve the issues."

(Boss) "That's brilliant! Raises for everyone!"


Something like that perhaps? H and P must be spinning in their graves...

Comment Feeling left ouot (Score 1) 441

I used to be a republican, back in the Reagan days. But these days (hell, since Bush Jr.) my "traditional" views have all but been marginalized. The democrats aren't much better.

Although I don't (yet) feel ashamed of the D's, as I do about the R's like when shit like this occurs. Can they make it any more plain they're bought and sold??

(Well past) Time to find a new party...

Comment Re:How important is that at this point? (Score 1) 197

I'd argue that this one (from your link) is patently wrong:

"6. Batch processing through automated actions is far superior in GIMP. Because photographers often need to do repeatable actions to large groups of images, this feature alone is worth its weight in gold."

I am a photographer and although I use LightRoom heavily, I use the batch rules in PS for my concert work, I can get very detailed with little trouble in PS. I did try to switch to gimp (or more accurately, tried it out) and found this to be sorely lacking. Not to mention the batch actions in PS merge/link nicely with the plug-ins (specifically the Nik software for B/W work) so if I wanted to, and on occasion I have, I can do some *serious* transformations on a shot in PS with one click of a button.

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