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Comment Re:But that's not the real problem. (Score 5, Informative) 1651 1651

A car pulled out in front of me when I was doing about 15mph along an urban road. I hit the side of it and flew over the top of the windscreen, landing on the road the other side. I had a few scrapes, a torn jacket, and a broken cycle helmet. If I hadn't been wearing one, it would have been my head that hit the road and scraped along it. Having said that, wearing or not wearing a helmet shouldn't be a matter of compulsion if the evidence is not conclusive. I will continue to wear one, though.

Comment Not cryptic though (Score 1) 70 70

All decent crosswords in the UK tend to be of the cryptic kind, rather than just needing a thesaurus most of the time. Writing answers backwards wouldn't be allowed, though, as the answer has to be an actual word. Here's one that a computer might struggle with.... V? (6,2,7) Answer: Centre of Gravity

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