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Submission Permanent RFID Chips Embedded Into Your Clothing

IO ERROR writes: "Protesters gathered Wednesday afternoon at the opening of the RFID in Fashion conference in New York City to urge clothing manufacturers and retailers not to embed tracking chips into articles of clothing. "We're here to let the industry know that consumers don't want tracking devices in their clothing," RFID privacy expert Katherine Albrecht said. "When they embed [RFID] into clothing, or shoes, or other items people wear or carry, they can also put the readers to pick up those signals into floors, doorways, ceiling tiles, anywhere people go, and use them to track and identify people.""
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Submission Ron Paul's use of the Internet in his presidential

tres3 writes: "A recent New York Times article explores some of the success that Ron Paul's presidential campaign has had in using the Internet. The author correctly states that others aren't as successful because their approach led many to micromanage their Web sites. By contrast, [Ms. Teachout] said, the Paul campaign took the opposite lesson that it was about openness and power. He has over 1140 MeetUp Groups in 900 cities (including one in the green zone in Baghdad) that have operated largely independently from the campaign.

For instance the ThisNovember5th site was setup by Trevor Lyman using a video created by James Sugra without even consulting the campaign. That site brought in $4.3M from 37,000 donors in 24 hours. Mr. Paul estimated that the one-day haul had brought $10 million worth of free publicity. Ron said he hadn't even gotten around to thanking them yet. THANKS Guys!! There is a new money bomb web site being prepared now in celebration of the Boston Tea Party

The article goes on to cover the wide variety of supporters that the Paul campaign has attracted. In reality Dr. Paul didn't create these groups; he simply gave them a focal point to rally behind. And he used the Internet to unite them, or more accurately, the users of the Internet found his message and united themselves behind it. I guess that is why the author titled the article 'The Web Finds Ron Paul, and Takes Him for a Ride'."

Submission IPv6 Cutover January 1, 2011

IO ERROR writes: An internet-draft published this month calls for an IPv6 transition plan which would require all Internet-facing servers to have IPv6 connectivity on or before January 1, 2011. 'Engineer and author John Curran proposes that migration to IPv6 happen in three stages. The first stage, which would happen between now and the end of 2008, would be a preparatory stage in which organizations would start to run IPv6 servers, though these servers would not be considered by outside parties as production servers. The second stage, which would take place in 2009 and 2010, would require organizations to offer IPv6 for Internet-facing servers, which could be used as production servers by outside parties. Finally, in the third stage, starting in 2011, IPv6 must be in use by public-facing servers.' Then IPv4 can go away.

Submission NJ police union head threatens talk show hosts

dlaur writes: The New Jersey State Police have recently been the subject of criticism following the 91MPH crash that injured NJ Governor Corzine. Two NJ radio talk show hosts exposed inflammatory online posts allegedly made by NJ State Troopers threatening to crack down on highway speeders in response to the criticism. In a televised press conferemce, the head of the state police union threatened to expose personal information about the two talk show hosts, and went as far as to hold up documents containing their home addresses and other information for the cameras. ow-hosts-in-hiding-after-police-threat/ Num=186154

Spammers Learn to Outsource Their Captcha Needs 221

lukeknipe writes "Guardian Unlimited reporter Charles Arthur speaks with a spammer, discussing the possibility that his colleagues may be paying people in developing countries to fill in captchas. In his report, Arthur discusses Nicholas Negroponte's gift of hand-powered laptops to developing nations and the wide array of troubles that could arise as the world's exploitable poor go online." From the article: "I've no doubt it will radically alter the life of many in the developing world for the better. I also expect that once a few have got into the hands of people aching to make a dollar, with time on their hands and an internet connection provided one way or another, we'll see a significant rise in captcha-solved spam. But, as my spammer contact pointed out, it's nothing personal. You have to understand: it's just business."

Journal Journal: Slashdot's use of nofollow 2

OK, so /. is only putting nofollow on links when the comment has been modded down. That isn't QUITE so bad. It protects /. from comment spam. However, it does raise one other problem: bad moderators. If a comment gets modded down, and then gets modded back up because some idiot moderator chose poorly, the comment links STILL have nofollow on them.

Journal Journal: Nofollow will kill the Web 3

Ah, so /. has enabled rel="nofollow" on links posted by users. How brain-dead have they become? Nofollow causes search engines not to follow the link. Have you really thought this through? This isn't so much about PageRank as it is about the ability for search engines to find things in the first place! Sure, people can follow my link back to my home page, but Google can't? Therefore Google has no idea my page is even there, unless someone else links to it without nofol
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Journal Journal: How not to secure your wireless access point 4

If you bought one of those shiny new 802.11{abg} access points so you could be lazy and use your laptop in bed without a bunch of cords dangling all over the place, you have a decision to make. Do you want your neighbors and random strangers using your Internet connection?

If you decide you don't want other people using your connection, then don't do these things:

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Journal Journal: Oracle on Gentoo Linux 4

How to install Oracle 10g on Gentoo Linux:
  1. Create a file /etc/redhat-release as root which contains:
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 ()
  2. Run the Oracle Universal Installer you downloaded and extracted from ship.db.cpio.gz. It will be fooled into thinking you're on a Red Hat system and will install without complaint. Be sure to follow the directions carefully!

Journal Journal: Dell Premier Support 4

Recently the keyboard on my three-year-old Dell Latitude CPx (P3-650, 256MB, ATI Rage Mobility 8MB, 20GB, Red Hat 9) decided to stop working. Specifically the F6, 8, I, K, comma, Page Up, and Page Down keys stopped working. I've been using it with an external keyboard for a few days.

So after exchanging a few nasty emails with Dell Support, they are actually sending someone out to me to fix it. The tech called me earlier today and he is waiting for the replacement keyboard to show up.

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Journal Journal: Is this thing on? 6

Will someone please tell me what the appeal is of these blogs? Why do people feel the need to share their innermost thoughts and feelings with the whole world? Who reads blogs besides maybe their close friends or family? I don't get it. Update: I'm not anti-blog per se, I just really want to know what people see in them.

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