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Comment: Re:insert selection, not paste (Score 1) 729

by IMarvinTPA (#44939455) Attached to: Middle-Click Paste? Not For Long

Can I have text selected in two windows at once? Which one wins?

I forgot my other pet peeve, how do I highlight to replace when the system is being smart enough to synchronize the clipboards?

1. I never said the feature was rocket science. The problem I run into is discovering the correct keyword for the magic. How am I supposed to know that xsel is a copy-paste thing vs some Excel clone? The question I have is, "After I get to the desktop, how do I discover what I can do?" does not return xsel. The question does have other interesting answers though. How did you learn that xsel exists and what it does?

2. Android smart phones have a limited user input methods, it is easier to learn fewer options. When was the last time you middle clicked to paste on your phone?


Comment: Re:insert selection, not paste (Score 1) 729

by IMarvinTPA (#44936777) Attached to: Middle-Click Paste? Not For Long

My original post got marked as flamebait.

I have run into a few windows programs that try to simulate the behavior, such as Trillian or Putty, that copies on select. Putty is the worst, because I have a hard time telling if I've actually entered my password (from a password storage app). CTRL-V does not work to paste. I have no idea why Trillian does it, but Putty is being a "good" multi-environment player by being the same in each. It just is an odd-ball in the windows court.

What are the rules for "current selection"? Does it include any echo of most recently, but not now highlighted? Highlighted in a windows that is the the active window?

But the "issue" is that there is nothing that tells you that there are TWO DIFFERENT WAYS to make stuff that is at point A go to point B. I didn't know that I had a choice between not using one or the other because I did not know that they were different. I thought I highlight text and it goes into THE clipboard automagically or I can select text and hit ctrl-c and get a 50/50 chance of copying it to THE clipboard or terminating the program. I thought that middle clicking would usually paste or do nothing or pressing ctrl-v would usually paste or send ^V or some such.

Another way to say the "issue" is that established Windows users carry some baggage of how stuff should work and the extra choices in Linux can cause confusion. I'm all for extra options, but sometimes the option I want is, "stop doing some annoying thing". Where is the option to NOT copy when I highlight text? If it is in some .config file, great! How did you know which one? Why can't that .config file have a GUI in a control panel?



Comment: I hate Select to copy. (Score 2, Insightful) 729

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I hate select to copy. I frequently highlight words to help myself read them and track where I am. I don't associate highlighting text with copying it, which screws up my internal clipboard memory. Middle click to paste simply never occurs to me. Middle mouse button on Windows is generally application dependent. Since I never middle click, it's function by default is irrelevant. It'd the damned highlight to copy that screws me up.


Comment: Linus said something... (Score 3, Interesting) 552

by IMarvinTPA (#44822553) Attached to: SSD Failure Temporarily Halts Linux 3.12 Kernel Work

Linux said "So I don't want to necessarily blame the harddisk, since it's just ten
days since I upgraded the rest of my machine, after it worked years in
the previous one. That just makes me go "hmm". As far as I know, all
the fans etc were working fine, but.."

There's his problem: "after it worked years in the previous [machine]."

His SSD died a natural death of old age.


Comment: Electric Universe (Score 1, Insightful) 86

by IMarvinTPA (#44758509) Attached to: Mystery Alignment of Planetary Nebulae Discovered

"The team of astronomers, who used data from Hubble and the European Southern Observatory's New Technology Telescope (NTT) to survey 130 nebulae, posit that powerful magnetic fields may be behind the phenomenon."

Hey, you mean that mainstream science may be coming around to what have been suggesting?

Good luck!


Apple and HTC Settle Patent Dispute 179

Posted by samzenpus
from the come-together dept.
An anonymous reader writes "HTC and Apple have reached a global settlement that includes the dismissal of all current lawsuits and a ten-year license agreement. The license extends to current and future patents held by both parties. The terms of the settlement are confidential. From the article: '"HTC is pleased to have resolved its dispute with Apple, so HTC can focus on innovation instead of litigation," Peter Chou, HTC's chief executive, said in a statement. Tim Cook, Apple's chief executive, also expressed relief in a statement. "We will continue to stay laser focused on product innovation," he said.'"

Comment: Make it look exctly like Windows XP. (Score 1) 1154

by IMarvinTPA (#41264417) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Would You Fix the Linux Desktop?

Make it so that any windows user wouldn't know they weren't on Windows other than the missing Windows icon in the start button. Integrate Wine so it is seemless.

Make it so if I know how to use Windows, I can know how to use a Linux desktop.

There will need to be a classic mode for those like me who prefer the clean classic Windows 98 desktop, as well as one for those that like the Aero Glass or whatever that pretty mode is. (I don't like pretty mode, when I want to see the window behind my primary, I'll give it focus! I don't need to watch my window minimize, just get it out of my way!)

If you want to switch a desktop user, make it so the user doesn't have to know they switched.


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