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Comment: Re:18-35 #13 CHILD ABUSE (Score 0) 1501

by ILoveMyGeeky1 (#10373061) Attached to: Help Select Questions for Bush and Kerry
To all three who have replied to this, I have to disagree. First of all, the suppositions of this post are all too true. I know that firsthand. If you want to nix it on the grounds that it's too emotionally charged, we may as well nix the abortion debate, the gay marriage debate, the debate about the war, the debate about the genocide in Rwanda, etc. Let's face it: Any time we are debating someone's beliefs it's going to be emotionally charged. As for there being nothing we can do about it, there is. It's called education. Dennis Kucinich had a plan for a department that would be a little like homeland security, but they would be on a much more local level. They would decide how to help police officers, security guards, etc. Part of the duties of this department would be research and prevention of domestic violence, rape / sexual abuse, and child abuse. These things are much more widespread than anyone wants to believe, and they need to be addressed.

Fundamentally, there may be no basis for anything.