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Submission + - Withdrawal Effects "No Net Benefit Caffeine

Jeroen Vlek writes: As I am sure that /. contains many caffeine fiends, like myself, the following research is of interest.

"The team demonstrated that stopping daily caffeine consumption produces changes in cerebral blood flow velocity and quantitative EEG that are likely related to the classic caffeine withdrawal symptoms of headache, drowsiness and decreased alertness."

What is even more surprising is that they found no net benefit of using caffeine:

"In contrast to what most of us coffee lovers would think, our study showed no difference between when the participant was maintained on chronic placebo and when the participant was stabilized on chronic caffeine administration. What this means is that consuming caffeine regularly does not appear to produce any net beneficial effects, based on the measures we examined."

I will just stick to tea and cola then. Oh, wait.


Submission + - Developer steals game assets from other games

ILoveCrack83 writes: Apparently game developer Majestic studios stole game content from The Elder Scrolls IV and III, Silent Hill, Thief: Deadly Shadows and others. Stealing is one thing. This developer however did not even make an effort to cover it up (like changing the textures for example). Majestic studios claims the game is: "...more influenced by film and literature rather than other games...".

Bethesda's lawyers are now looking in to it.

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