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Comment: Re:Grammar (Score 1) 329

by IJ Hull (#47013227) Attached to: Your Old CD Collection Is Dying
That's right "Aluminium doesn't rust/oxidise (corrode)" is school grade, learn for teacher stuff that doesn't actually hold up in the real world. Type of Al alloy is irrelevant. It might hold up in de-ionised pure H20. Back in the real world slightly acidic (eg CaCl2 anti-ice for example), or slightly alkaline (sea or brackish water) massively increases the rate of corrosion.

Comment: This is bullshit (Score 1) 153

by IJ Hull (#46994739) Attached to: EU Court Backs 'Right To Be Forgotten'
So I'm in the EU and often agree with the supreme court's decisions - but this is bullshit. The information is showing up on google because - it is in the public record - ie its been published in newspapers. That's that guys problem - but it is his problem - nobody elses. They're asking google to ignore publically available info because "i don't like it" no thanks . just wrong. feel sorry for this little guy but the decision is still wrong. I killed my wife 20 years ago but I served my time and now that info is irrelevant - yes if you want to read the daily news from 1973 you'll know what I did, but can't find it on the internet. Fuck those judges.

+ - Anders Breivik demands PlayStation3, no more Rayman; threatens hunger strike->

Submitted by IJ Hull
IJ Hull (3538543) writes "Norwegian mass murderer Anders Brevik, who in 2011 killed 77 people including 69 at a left-wing summer camp for teenagers on the island of Utøya has demanded a PlayStation3 and games of his own choice in prison, plus other demands including a doubling of his allowance, a settee, more walks etc etc...

Currently Breivik has access to a PS2, and games including Rayman Revolutions (Rating:E, Mild Animated Violence)

In a letter to the AFP he likens the conditions to hell, claiming the restrictions are torture, and that the prison authorities are "treating me worse than an animal". Breivik describes his crimes as a civil war against Islamicism and leftism and has threatened to go on hunger strike if his demands are not met; he claims to be a 'political prisoner'."

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