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Comment: Jolla (Score 1) 45

by IANAAC (#48673211) Attached to: Nokia's Back In the Tablet Business, With the Android Lollipop-Based N1
I'm much more interested in what Jolla may come out with. Their OS interests me, and for those android apps I'd need (none of them need Google Play), I'd imagine they'll have it ready to run them.

From their crowdfunding promo that I saw a month or so ago, it looks like it'll be expensive, though.

Comment: Re: Can't wait to replace CenturyLink (Score 1) 107

by IANAAC (#48671797) Attached to: US Internet Offers 10Gbps Fiber In Minneapolis
I'm just over the border in Wisconsin and CenturyLink is my only wired choice too. They supposedly give us a 2M down/768K up connection, but I never have seen it. And they keep telling us that upgrades will be coming soon. They're actually not taking any more subscribers right now, due to saturation.

So I ended up getting rid of CL and just using a small hotspot for casual browsing. My neighbor does let me still use his CL connection via WiFi when I want to do anything big (like ISOs, and videos) though. Otherwise, my little 3G hotspot is actually faster than CenturyLink.

Comment: Re:Get a Zaurus... (Score 1) 110

by IANAAC (#48591733) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Software To Revive PocketPCs With Windows Mobile 5-6?
Or better yet, get something like a Viliv or a BenQ. They have relatively modern Intel processors, so you can install most any Linux on them, provided you can find the drivers.

I have a BenQ. I have Opera 12 running on it, and just recently installed Softmaker Office (they recently released their 2012 suite as free) so I have a very capable office suite. With a foldable BT keyboard, it' s WAY more useful than any smartphone is, although if I could find a decent enough office suite for Android, I' d opt for a cheap tablet.

Comment: So I'll suggest something I've not seen yet... (Score 1) 720

by IANAAC (#48543967) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can a Felon Work In IT?
in the comments.

Do you have an indian reservation nearby? I have two near me and I've seen the same IT positions (a DB admin and a sys admin) available for the last two years for one place.

Now, I can't speak with any authority, but reservations around here operate as sovereign territory and don't play by the same local/state/national rules. So it could be that a past felony might be OK. It's also entirely possible that they would reject you because of your felony, but it's an option worth checking.

Comment: Re:Do any of us know how much we really use? (Score 1) 48

by IANAAC (#48279569) Attached to: Hungary's Plans For Internet Tax On Hold After Protests
I try to keep a decent handle on what I use, at least when it comes to a cellular hotspot I use.

One tool I use with a laptop (but it could easily be installed on a Linux or BSD-based router, is VNStat -

It can monitor and report hourly, daily, monthly, etc and you can easily chose what interface to report (it monitors all active interfaces). There's also some graphics reporting capability, too, but I just use the command line output and awk-parse what I need.

Comment: Re:News for Nerds? (Score 1) 764

by IANAAC (#48271891) Attached to: Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

But considering just how straight white male oriented the tech industry is

Have you actually been to Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Seattle or Vancouver? Very few industries or cities are more accepting of homosexuality. I bet the tech industry is very close to being "aligned with the general population."

I lived in SF for decades, most of my adult life, in fact.

I'm not talking about acceptance. I'm talking about actual leadership. It's quite rare that an open homosexual is a CEO of a successful multinational corporation. In fact, I don't know of another, certainly not in the tech world.

Comment: Re:News for Nerds? (Score 5, Insightful) 764

by IANAAC (#48271031) Attached to: Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

Gays are equal to straights and should have the same rights. I find it sad that announcements like this still make headlines. It shouldn't matter nor should anyone really care (unless they are looking to hook up).

True enough. But considering just how straight white male oriented the tech industry is, it's good to point out that occasionally we have other possibilities.

It truly won't be an issue when the tech industry is more aligned with the general population. We're not there yet.

Comment: Re:They tried to raise prices 20% unnanounced (Score 1) 392

by IANAAC (#48270173) Attached to: Cutting the Cord? Time Warner Loses 184,000 TV Subscribers In One Quarter

I would welcome alternatives to Cable in Rural areas.

I'm in an extremely rural area. Cable is not an option. It's either satellite or a huge antenna that's capable of getting signals from over 100 miles away.

While it's expensive, I rely on cellular internet for everything and wireless connect through a router. There's not a single show I can't watch (that I want to, anyway) over the internet. Plus, sine I don't have a remote, I'm sort of forced to actively choose what it is I want to watch, rather than mindlessly clicking from channel to channel.

I don't miss cable at all.

Comment: Re:StraighTalk (Score 1) 170

by IANAAC (#48254645) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Unlimited Data Plan For Seniors?

I am pretty sure speed is an issue

3G speeds are not bad. I use Straight Talk's 3G hockey puck hotspot (Umax U240C), which is 3G-only, and can do everything I need to on it, including stream Netflix.

Also, I usually get the 4Gig/40 dollar card, which is good for 60 days. It's about as good as it gets price-wise, for pre-paid at least.

Comment: Re:$3500 fine? (Score 1) 286

by IANAAC (#48219659) Attached to: Tech Firm Fined For Paying Imported Workers $1.21 Per Hour

The sort of people who pay slave wages probably consider 6.8 hours of "free time" a day more than adequate for such self-catering needs as sustinance and rest.

Considering this was in Fremont, CA, figure an hour commute each way - even if the company were generous and provided transportation, so 4.8 hours "free" time.

Comment: Wonder if their time hasn't already passed... (Score 5, Interesting) 167

by IANAAC (#48212855) Attached to: Ello Formally Promises To Remain Ad-Free, Raises $5.5M
I don't know that many people that have gotten an invite to join, but the ones that have don't really have anything positive to say about it.

I would imagine it's down to too few people being on it still. There was such initial hype for it, then nothing. How long do you suppose people will wait before just not bothering with it?

Comment: Re:Nah, this is just stage 1 (Score 1) 324

by IANAAC (#48204635) Attached to: Hungary To Tax Internet Traffic
What do you use your bandwidth for? That's a lot of bandwidth for work related purposes. I can easily get by on 5-6 gig a month for all my work, and I'm transferring documents all day long, as well as logged into a central server that needs constant connection.

Is your work heavy on graphics and/or video?

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