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Comment Re: "Are" or "could be"? (Score 1) 104

I suppose I agree, but in the article itself, it does explain why it's difficult to get an accurate figure.

Since most of these places aren't registered as tourist rentals, it's hard to come to a concrete number. The article also explains that AirBnB doesn't actually give exact addresses until the transaction is completed, making outside tracking difficult.

Comment Re: Simplistic (Score 1) 385

More likely, we will just have better tools for certain jobs making them more higher level â" it can let them get stuff done easier - so they can do more.

This has already happened in my field (translation) a good decade ago. The problem with it though is that if a translator is working through and agency and not a direct client, the agency will demand a discount for repeated words, which makes no sense for anything that actually needs to be readable.

If anything, I spend just as much time going over the automated translation and fixing mistakes as I would just translating from the beginning. I don't see this ever changing, as language shifts too quickly for translation memories (TMs) to keep up with current usage.

Comment Re: Quebec Language Police (Score 1) 578

Television is télévision. Telephone is téléphone. Electricity is électricité. Etc.

I think in the case of words like these (and many other technology words), we have to consider when they came into being. When Telephones, TVs and electricity were invented (and more importantly, mass-marketed), the modern industrial world was heavily influenced by Western Europe, namely France - it was still the language of culture, and English due to the industrial revolution. It was only natural that these terms were coined from Latin and Greek. Greek had a lot of influence on Latin, which in turn had a lot of influence on Romance languages, which through French had quite a lot of influence on English vocabulary.

Comment Re: For wealthy gadabouts perhaps (Score 2) 129

Translation: works as well as anything. The only real limitation is that technical jargon in German doesn't pass through to an equivalent US English expression. But that is the same thing that happens when German people speak English. They have very good grammar and accent in English, but they are not taught our technical words or colloquialisms. So technical documents have a lot of instances of "Module", "Technology", etc. referring to different things using the same words when there were more specific words that meant something in German.

Disclaimer: I'm a translator by trade.

That said, I think for basic, oral communication, a lot can already be done, but for anything beyond that, anything out there right now fails miserably.

It's not just about translating words. Consider, say, translating a legal document from any language to English. Which English, exactly? Not only are legal terms different depending on country, but so are legal concepts. Even within the same region, you'll find variation of speech that currently can't be handled at all with automatic translation. Ever read the transcript of a message left on Google Voice by a non-standard American English speaker? It's laughable. Translation knows nothing about these differences.

We're going to need humans specialised in specific concepts and regions for a long time.

Comment He didn't care enough to edit it, apparently (Score -1, Redundant) 218

Did he not know that he could choose the background image? Or that he could edit it? It came out the way it did because he just clicked away without thinking.

Sorry for his daughter's death, but he could have influenced the final result or, better yet, elected to not participate in it at all.

Comment Re: Oh yeah, it's "bombing" in the US alright... (Score 1) 288

I'm not sure how much "Selma" and "American Sniper" cost to produce/market/release, but there's been a lot of news blurbs stating that "The Interview" cost around 80 million to put out, around 30 million of that just on marketing.

They still have a long way to go to break even, even with Hollywood's underhanded accounting.

Comment Jolla (Score 1) 60

I'm much more interested in what Jolla may come out with. Their OS interests me, and for those android apps I'd need (none of them need Google Play), I'd imagine they'll have it ready to run them.

From their crowdfunding promo that I saw a month or so ago, it looks like it'll be expensive, though.

Comment Re: Can't wait to replace CenturyLink (Score 1) 110

I'm just over the border in Wisconsin and CenturyLink is my only wired choice too. They supposedly give us a 2M down/768K up connection, but I never have seen it. And they keep telling us that upgrades will be coming soon. They're actually not taking any more subscribers right now, due to saturation.

So I ended up getting rid of CL and just using a small hotspot for casual browsing. My neighbor does let me still use his CL connection via WiFi when I want to do anything big (like ISOs, and videos) though. Otherwise, my little 3G hotspot is actually faster than CenturyLink.

Comment Re:Get a Zaurus... (Score 1) 110

Or better yet, get something like a Viliv or a BenQ. They have relatively modern Intel processors, so you can install most any Linux on them, provided you can find the drivers.

I have a BenQ. I have Opera 12 running on it, and just recently installed Softmaker Office (they recently released their 2012 suite as free) so I have a very capable office suite. With a foldable BT keyboard, it' s WAY more useful than any smartphone is, although if I could find a decent enough office suite for Android, I' d opt for a cheap tablet.

Comment So I'll suggest something I've not seen yet... (Score 1) 720

in the comments.

Do you have an indian reservation nearby? I have two near me and I've seen the same IT positions (a DB admin and a sys admin) available for the last two years for one place.

Now, I can't speak with any authority, but reservations around here operate as sovereign territory and don't play by the same local/state/national rules. So it could be that a past felony might be OK. It's also entirely possible that they would reject you because of your felony, but it's an option worth checking.

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