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Do you have any evidence to refute what is in Pacepa's "Disinformation"? I would be most interested to hear it. Otherwise, the person living the "pipe dream" would be you, would it not? the Scientific Method requires me to look for evidence counter to Pacepa's facts. I suggest you also start using the Scientific Method and evaluate statements based on their factual content, rather than dismissing them based on your preconceptions - it really will revolutionize your outlook, and allow to you see outside the disinformation we are being fed.

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After the Fall of the Soviet Union it was found that McCarthy had underestimated the degree of communist penetration - once archives were available. Today the White House has substantial Muslim Brotherhood penetration (and probably a great deal more competing agents, but not to the same degree as the Ikhwan).

McCarthy was *right*. It is the Collectivist Matrix that controls the media that tell you he was wrong. A great book to read is "Disinformation" by Lt Gen Ion Mihai Pacepa. It explains who killed Kennedy and why - and why the Conspiracy Theories are the conspiracy. The media marinates you in Cultural Marxism these days so that people cannot see the truth in plain sight. America has gone off the rails because the Collective (run by a 'political elite') is now valued over the Individual. The Government now feels it can micro-regulate every aspect of your life and treat you like a child. This is Marxism with a smile - and it is what is bankrupting America - yet anyone who opposes the collective is smeared by the media, the academics, the elites and by all the people still in the Collectivist Matrix. McCarthy was right, and is even more right today. Hint: who did Hillary Clinton write here senior thesis about? the same person Obama moved to Chicago to find acolytes of.

There is no substitute for Liberty!

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FALSE. The jihad has been going on for 1400 years and is just gaining up a head of steam again due to petrodollars and the obvious pathetic 'leadership' of the West. The reason the jihadis attack on 9/11 each year is to reverse the defeat at the Gate of Vienna on 9/11 *****1583****.

Bleating about Sykes-Picot is a distraction so you never understand the fourteen century war that is commanded in Qur'an Sura 9:29, 9:5 and hundreds of other verses. Unfortunately, many smart Slashdotters fall for this ruse.

In order to understand jihad you must listen to what they say for the benefit of other jihadis - not the projections that Westerners place as the motivations of the jihadis:
For an example of how the jihadis see history, please see the following: "Why We Are Afraid - A 1400 Year Secret : Dr Bill Warner" [45 mins]

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G'day Ozzie. I'm a kiwi. How about you check out the statistics of carbon emission, and see whether destroying your economy with a carbon tax that achieves absolutely nothing for the environment:

"What an Engineer Finds Extraordinary about Climate"

We all want to preserve our environment. But we have to look at it objectively rather than emotionally. Please also note that ***pollution*** (which everyone rightly shuns) is not the same as CAGW in any way.


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An anonymous reader writes "Many years ago, I was a coder—but I went through my computer science major when they were being taught in Lisp and C. These days I work in other areas, but often need to code up quick data processing solutions or interstitial applications. Doing this in C now feels archaic and overly difficult and text-based. Most of the time I now end up doing things in either Unix shell scripting (bash and grep/sed/awk/bc/etc.) or PHP. But these are showing significant age as well. I'm no longer the young hotshot that I once was—I don't think that I could pick up an entire language in a couple of hours with just a cursory reference work—yet I see lots of languages out there now that are much more popular and claim to offer various and sundry benefits I'm not looking to start a new career as a programmer—I already have a career—but I'd like to update my applied coding skills to take advantage of the best that software development now has to offer. (More, below.)

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> three years (a complete tech cycle in the consumer realm).

I don't know exactly where you live, but where I come from most consumer (i.e., home) computers aren't really new enough to comfortably run Vista, let alone Eight. Most of Seven's market share comes from people's work computers, which are upgraded considerably more often than home computers, on average. Most of Eight's market share comes from people whose old Windows XP computer finally died, so they went out and bought a new computer. (Seven has some of that too, but such systems are outnumbered by work computers, which are *mostly* Seven at this point, although there are still some XP holdouts.)

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You are assuming that bitcoin mining will exponentially keep increasing and no new efficiencies discovered. Wrong.
Bitcoin mining is auto balancing by the value of each bitcoin. If energy spent costs more than bitcoin acquired, people will not invest in new mining hardware. How could they, or is money somehow infinite for the miners, to be able to purchase more and more gear?

FIAT money is not energy free neither.
Bitcoin is revolutionizing how money is conceived, FIAT money is basicly a huge scam, there actually are parties in this world for who money *is* infinite, such as goverments and world bank. See documentary Zeitgeist.

Bitcoin takes the power from the elite to just print more money away, and that's a bad thing?!?!

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It's not a matter if there is stronger and more precise machinery available - it's a matter of getting it to consumers, ie. on the cheap.
Getting price down on things is just as much a science as everything else - but it's different, and mostly engineering rather than science in instances like this.
It's about figuring out how to utilize something existing, now cheap, on creating new things.

Money is not infinite for everyone but goverments and big banks.

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As with all scientific theories - they are made to be rebutted, more accepted, the better!
From his point of view it's probably very logical to take steady-state model over Big Bang Theory - so maybe he just has a deeper understanding of the subject and he's a genius .... or more likely HIS view is just that way biased, he sees Big Bang as impossible
He might be the next Einstein.... or not

IMO, our view of the universe is way too small to say either as definite, right now it looks like big bang is more plausible. Then again the energy levels involved in big bang are so insanely out there it's impossible to imagine... Infact the energy levels required are infinite to the infity, if universe is defined as infinite. Universe needs to have absolute limits in size for big bang not to return value NaN.

Until we can expand our view of the universe by .... let's say going out there at least few thousand light years away from earth, to at least 3 different directions, it's pretty much complete guesswork...

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