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Comment Re:Democracy (Score 1) 431

> This is the first time that I can think of that a population directly voted in the affirmative to collapse their economy.

In fact, that happens so often, political scientists have a term for it: "populism". It's very popular in some parts of the world.

Mostly not in the /first/ world, admittedly.

Comment Re:Stores (Score 2) 266

I have made practical, durable, every day objects.
From small things like keychains to maxing out the envelope of a usual 3d printer. Hell, i even have 3d printed parts under the hood of my race car :D Yes, i actually race it, and have used those parts for a year now and they are holding up just fine and the car is rather quick actually, thanks for asking.

Comment Re:plastic is for junk (Score 2) 266

lol. Quite to the contrary.
True - ABS has limited heat cycles, and lowish glass transition temperature, but it's not immediately liquid @ 105C.

I've been using velocity stacks made from ABS on a race car for almost a year now - no issues what-so-ever, even tho it's the cheapest kind of ABS and isn't chemical resistant. They work brilliantly.

Nylon parts i've been using as well, harder to print due to the prep tho, but from Nylon which has even lower glass transition temperature car manufacturers make intake manifolds these days - even for turbocharged. Glass transition of 85C.

Comment Re:Google's IPv6 SMTP servers (Score 3, Interesting) 287

I know our servers won't accept it either since they don't even listen on it, are you saying Google is unusual in not accepting IPv6 only email? 'cause I reckon that's "standard".

Yes, Google is unusual - they do listen on IPv6 SMTP, but they reject the incoming mail as possible spam way more often than when it is being sent to them over IPv4. I had the same problem, and I had to explicitly force IPv4 for outgoing SMTP to Google in my Postfix configuration.

Comment Re:Which services does it support? (Score 1) 105

> How many streaming music and video services does your preferred media player support?

One. It streams from my playlist. Only. Ever.

> And how can a new streaming music or video service arrange to be
> supported in your preferred media player?

Streaming services can go jump in a lake. I listen to what *I* want
to listen to. If I wanted to hear random ear-punishing junk somebody
else picks without consulting me that doesn't match my tastes at all,
I could turn on a radio.

> Finally, how should a browser-based video game play its music
> and sound effects?

A) I can't think of any reason for a video game to be browser based.
B) When I do play games that have sound and music, I normally
        turn the game's sound and music off so I can listen to what *I*
        want to listen to, which is generally much better than listening
        to video game music.

Comment Re:I'm not the target audience apparently (Score 1, Insightful) 105

Indeed. Web browsers have generally not been on my list of applications that are permitted to play sound, ever since the capability to play MIDI was introduced in Netscape. Why would anyone want that? I do NOT want random websites that I look at to be able to decide what sound comes out of my speakers. I already have a media player, thanks, and the web browser is not it.


Ireland Votes Yes To Same-Sex Marriage 623

BarbaraHudson writes: Reuters is reporting that the citizens of Ireland voted overwhelmingly to legalize same-sex marriages. While it's also legal in 19 other countries, Ireland was the first to decide this by putting the question to the citizens. "This has really touched a nerve in Ireland," Equality Minister Aodhan O'Riordain said at the main count center in Dublin. "It's a very strong message to every LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) young person in Ireland and every LGBT young person in the world." Observers say the loss of moral authority of the Catholic church after a series of sex scandals was a strong contributing factor, with priests limiting their appeals to the people sitting in their pews. In contrast, the "Yes" side dominated social media.

Protons Collide At 13 TeV For the First Time At the LHC 52

An anonymous reader writes to let everyone know the LHC has now smashed protons together at 13 TeV, the highest energy level yet achieved. They've posted the first images captured from the collisions, and explained the testing process as well. Jorg Wenninger of the LHC Operations team says, "When we start to bring the beams into collision at a new energy, they often miss each other. The beams are tiny – only about 20 microns in diameter at 6.5 TeV; more than 10 times smaller than at 450 GeV. So we have to scan around – adjusting the orbit of each beam until collision rates provided by the experiments tell us that they are colliding properly." Spokesperson Tiziano Camporesi adds, "The collisions at 13 TeV will allow us to further test all improvements that have been made to the trigger and reconstruction systems, and check the synchronisation of all the components of our detector."

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