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Comment Re:Silly assumptions. (Score 2) 172

A fridge really does not have that much of a thermal "band" where the temps can safely change.

If it gets above 40 or so then some nasty bacteria can grow, below about 31 or so then your lettuce will freeze. The temp sensors in fridges are not that great, so they usually swing up and down by about 5 degrees or so even when you don't open the door.

No, the fridge is not a good idea of an appliance to change based on electric costs.

Comment Dumb author... (Score 1) 461

The author failed to account for the increased cost required to launch more satellites...

"It transmits data via Iridium satellitesâSâ"âSwhich also allow people to use a satellite phone from anywhere in the worldâSâ"âSand can be programmed to start streaming flight data when a plane deviates from its flight plan, or instruments suggest something is going wrong."

I've looked into an Iridium sat phone for use while camping in the middle of nowhere. The thing is that their network is near or at capacity much of the time. Many times their phones can get signal but can't get a channel clear to make a call.

A quick google search says a cheap satellite is $300 million. I'm not sure how many we would need, but it would not be a small number.

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