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by Charliemopps (#47963239) Attached to: Small Restaurant Out-Maneuvers Yelp In Reviews War

I've no problem at all with comment systems. I know the pitfalls. I filter and only read negative comments (positive comments are useless) Then look for things that would bother me. The idiots (which is most of them) I barely read at all. "This was incompatible with my ASUS motherboard!" THATS what I'm looking for. Books? Reviews aren't that helpful for books... At best, I look for books that there people bought along with books I really liked.

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by BlueStrat (#47963147) Attached to: Mark Zuckerberg Throws Pal Joe Green Under the Tech Immigration Bus

They will gladly tell you that insurance rates have been going up for decades, and having to choose new doctors is something all grownups have to do on a regular basis.

And in addition, if they've paid any attention, they will also tell him that the rates have increased both before and after the passage of the ACA because of government.

I dunno about *your* parents, but mine saw the same doctor for decades, until he retired. Because government made it more attractive for him to retire rather than to keep his practice open.

But hey, let's give government even more of people's hard-earned money and even more control over everything!

"Thank you Sir, may I have another?"

"Idiocracy" was a documentary. Slashdot posters prove it every day.


+ - Astrophysicists Identify The "Habitable" Regions Of The Entire Universe

Submitted by KentuckyFC
KentuckyFC (1144503) writes "It's not just star systems and galaxies that have habitable zones--regions where conditions are suitable for life to evolve. Astrophysicists have now identified the entire universe's habitable zones. Their approach starts by considering the radiation produced by gamma ray bursts in events such as the death of stars and the collisions between black holes and so on. Astrobiologists have long known that these events are capable of causing mass extinctions by stripping a planet of its ozone layer and exposing the surface to lethal levels of radiation. The likelihood of being hit depends on the density of stars, which is why the centre of galaxies are thought to be inhospitable to life. The new work focuses on the threat galaxies pose to each other, which turns out to be considerable when they are densely packed together. Astronomers know that the distribution of galaxies is a kind of web-like structure with dense knots of them connected by filaments interspersed with voids where galaxies are rare. The team says that life-friendly galaxies are most likely to exist in the low density regions of the universe in the voids and filaments of the cosmic web. The Milky Way is in one of these low density regions with Andromeda too far away to pose any threat. But conditions might not be so life friendly in our nearest knot of galaxies called the Virgo supercluster."

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by jandersen (#47962791) Attached to: Is Alibaba Comparable To a US Company?

...if the Chinese government wanted to "close the loophole" investors could be out $20B+ in a day.

Here's a TLA for you: FUD. Most countries in the West could in principle do the same, and forbid foreign investors in national companies - and the reasons they don't do it are the same that tell us that China wouldn't do this either. They are, as I think I may have mentioned in the past, not idiots.

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by phantomfive (#47962745) Attached to: Small Restaurant Out-Maneuvers Yelp In Reviews War
And to be honest, I haven't ever had much luck with yelp as a review website, either. If a restaurant has 1 star, it's probably accurate, but anything else it could be you really like the place, even though other people gave it three stars.

The people I know who use Yelp successfully use it as a restaurant-finder, not a rater.

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by jandersen (#47962707) Attached to: Scotland Votes No To Independence

While not a fan of homosexuality (I admit I find it strange and disgusting) I feel no particular hatred either. More like indifference. I definetly do not support persecution but the outright lies from proponents of that lifestyle are so fucking outrageous.

Lies are never acceptable, of course; but I think we have to give a little bit of leeway. It is a very emotionally charged issue for the victims of discrimination.

I expect most people's view on homosexuality is similar to yours; I used to think the same way, but as I have grown older, I have become better informed and less scared of it. What I find helpful is to keep in mind that people are gay, not because they make An Evil Choice, but because they are genuinely attracted to their own sex and digusted by the opposite - probably exactly the way heterosexuals feel attracted by the opposite and repulsed by their own. Gay men are no more ravening, sexual monsters than heterosexual men, and just like men and women can be friends in an un-sexual way, the same hold for gays and heterosexuals. Why would it be any other way?

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by Opportunist (#47962523) Attached to: New MRI Studies Show SSRIs Bring Rapid Changes to Brain Function

Well, that's exactly the problem, that being the judge yourself is usually anything but easy. It may seem odd for someone who never experienced it, but for you, very little changes. You don't really notice it. Because your "baseline" remains the same. That it changes relatively doesn't really register until much, much later.

That's one of the reasons why so many people interrupt or abandon their therapy. Because you DO notice the side effects very quickly...

+ - New revokable identity-based encryption scheme proposed->

Submitted by jd
jd (1658) writes "Identity-based public key encryption works on the idea of using something well-known (like an e-mail address) as the public key and having a private key generator do some wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff to generate a secure private key out if it. A private key I can understand, secure is another matter.

In fact, the paper notes that security has been a big hastle in IBE-type encryption, as has revocation of keys. The authors claim, however, that they have accomplished both. Which implies the public key can't be an arbitrary string like an e-mail, since presumably you would still want messages going to said e-mail address, otherwise why bother revoking when you could just change address?

Anyways, this is not the only cool new crypto concept in town, but it is certainly one of the most intriguing as it would be a very simple platform for building mostly-transparent encryption into typical consumer apps. If it works as advertised.

I present it to Slashdot readers, to engender discussion on the method, RIBE in general and whether (in light of what's known) default strong encryption for everything is something users should just get whether they like it or not."

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