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Comment: Re:Milk/Beef prices as well? (Score 1) 316

by roman_mir (#46798529) Attached to: Beer Price Crisis On the Horizon

Don't you worry about increasing prices, your government, the Federal reserve, main stream 'economists' and all the media is telling you that you don't have inflation... all that while the Fed is printing money like crazy, you know it as QE, but that's just an euphemism for inflation.

All of the recent articles that are coming out are trying to justify prices going up with 'bad weather', 'disease' even 'cartels'.

The reality is of-course that the only real reason your prices are going up is because the value of your money is being destroyed and you are being fed propaganda that it is exactly what you need: more inflation.

The ONLY people that would NOT buy something today if they knew that tomorrow the item they are after would fall in price are INVESTORS, who will not buy an asset if they expect the price of an asset to drop.

Normal consumers buy things today because they need them today, they even pay a PREMIUM for these things (since they are buying so much on credit, so the cost of credit should be also counted towards the cost of the items they buy).

The standard arguments for inflation are all nonsense, government propaganda. They are brainwashing all of you, every day, every minute of every day, and so many people end up arguing for this government propaganda, that you can be certain about one thing: people are stupid and advertising works very well.

As to beef and milk prices, again, that's inflation. But ALSO you can blame other government created problems, such as this nonsense that started a couple of decades ago, where large factory beef and milk producers (factory farmers) lobbied the federal government to impose these new taxes on small ranches, that used State lands to allow their livestock to graze there. That is by the way, what you are observing in Nevada. When the feds come to a State land with land taxes, taxes on the land that they are not actually involved with, taxing lands where they are not building any infrastructure, then you know that there are special interests in play.

How many small ranches were shut down because they couldn't afford the millions of dollars that they would have to pay for letting their cows graze on those lands (that nobody else uses for any purpose)? This is lobbying by the factory farms, the type that holds cows in enclosed cages, where the cows never see any grazing lands at all.

Anyway, enjoy your inflation, enjoy your lobbying, all of it is just a reflection of one singular problem: the federal government usurping unauthorised powers to destroy your individual rights. But at least learn what exactly is happening around you.

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by VortexCortex (#46798283) Attached to: New 'Google' For the Dark Web Makes Buying Dope and Guns Easy

In the United States you have a right, and a duty to train and learn how to use firearms effectively.

Well, if D&N taught me anything it's that throwing all your experience into one specialzation is folly. Civilian firearms are literally kids play. I looked at the export controll list, then became a crypographer.

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by jandersen (#46798265) Attached to: Beer Price Crisis On the Horizon

How about composting it, then? Just a thought, and it may well not be profitable. However, living in the city I have often had the opportunity to observe how, on one hand, there's a lot people with small gardens, who spend small fortunes on expensive soil mixtures - basically peat or compost - while on the other hand, just a few miles away there are livery stables that actually pay farmers to come and take away horse manure, which would have been an excellent basis for production of compost. I can't quite understand this sort of thing.

When in deep shit, sell manure.

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by jandersen (#46798245) Attached to: Google's New Camera App Simulates Shallow Depth of Field

That candid picture of your Mom sharing a moment with your aunt would look great if it were not for the Ronald McDonald billboard in the background.

Hmm, perhaps. But I have increasingly over the last few years seen so many, brilliantly clear photos with fabulous colour etc etc which are so achingly dull because the photographer has no sense of the artistic and no experimental curiousity. Despite the fact that with a digital SLR camera it is cheaper and easier than ever to experiment: just try and then throw out the failures.

Personally, I have started on taking deliberately imperfect pictures; I am particularly fond of under-exposure - it is surprising how much structure you can find in a seemingly black photo, using eg. edge-detection in GIMP.

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by VortexCortex (#46798097) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Hungry Students, How Common?

Getting to the point? We're there. We passed that threshold a while ago.

Correct. However, what many fail to realize is that in the 70's we didn't need to pay the educational extortion racket for permission to get work. The computing explosion was exploited to force the majority of the populace to seek degrees, but elementary school kids now have mastery of required technologies. The tools are more high-tech but the interface is even simpler than ever, certainly things that could be learned in on-the-job training.

The folks bitching about not being able to afford degrees are fools just now feeling the effects of an education bubble about to burst. The tech that created the education bubble has brought ">advances that made degrees obsolete. You can always tell a bubble by the final pump and dump of ramped up attempts to cash in on overly optimistic valuation. You are now aware that degree mills exist...

The requirement for college accreditation has always been a method for discrimination against the poor who would otherwise self-educate. More stringent degree requirements are a means by which corporations can drive down wages and get more government approved H1B visas and outsourcing. In reality, requiring employees to have a final exams is foolish since it doesn't actually prove they know anything at all -- That's why your boss is likely a moron. Entrance exams would instead suffice to prove applicants had the required knowledge and skills, without requiring they be saddled with debts by the educational gatekeepers of employment -- It doesn't matter how you learned what you know. Promoting to management from within makes cost cutting improvements in ability to predict and not make unrealistic expectations upon the workers, it also gives upward mobility to aging experienced workers instead of considering them dead at 40 (family raising age).

We're already on our way of getting to the point where you cannot recover your college fees during the rest of your working years.

Negative, debt levels have long since passed that point, and owing a debt to the careers you enter has always been unacceptable in the first place. College as anything more than elective learning college is just shifting around the Company Store by leveraging "intellectual property." We need college degrees less now that in the 70's. ::POP::

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by gweihir (#46798079) Attached to: Heartbleed Sparks 'Responsible' Disclosure Debate

Seems senility has set in in your case. And I have been doing this for a while for a living too. Maybe you just have really small customers, as in less than 10k employees? They may still have the flexibility needed, both on the technological side and on the management side. You claim that this is generally possible is just plain wrong.

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by Shakrai (#46798031) Attached to: New 'Google' For the Dark Web Makes Buying Dope and Guns Easy

If people think the NSA isn't all over the dark web, they be dummies.

The NSA isn't that concerned with where you buy your pot. They aren't even that concerned with where the local gangbanger buys his guns, or where the local perv sources his kiddie porn.

If you're going to wear the tin foil hat at least direct it at the appropriate three letter agencies: FBI, DEA, ATF, et. al.

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Really? what algorithms did we develop for landing on either a platform or land that deals with say 100 MPH winds, and dealing with 1G? And if developed in the 50's, then why did the lunar landings not use them? Likewise, why bother with having these competition here on earth for landing? Seems to me that the simple physics equations for dealing with gravity, are well known, but controlling a lander while dealing with wind, rain, storms, etc is quite a different thing. And yes, landing on the moon is VERY easy. BUT, landing on mars, earth, venus, or any planet or moon will be difficult due to side issues, and dealing with it.

Comment: Ah yes, planet "nothing else", a fool's paradise. (Score 1) 49

There is nothing else the planet. Should be working on. Except stopping these.

Yes there is. Self sustaining off-world colonies AND asteroid deflection technologies go hand in hand to help fight extinction -- which should be priority #1 for any truly sentient race.

Clearly asteroids are a very real threat, and I black-hole heartedly agree with the notion that Earth's space agencies are not giving them the level of public concern these threats should have: Humans are currently blind as moles to space. Any statement to the contrary is merely shrouding the issue in the Emperor's New Clothes. Earth's telescopes can study very small parts of space in some detail, but do not have the coverage required to make the dismissive claims that NASA and other agencies do about asteroid impact likelihood -- note that they frequently engage in panic mitigation. Remember that asteroid transit NASA was hyped about, meanwhile another asteroid whipped by completely unexpectedly closer than your moon, too late to do anything about? Remember Chelyabinsk? That one was 20 to 30 times Hiroshima's nuclear bomb, but it didn't strike ground. What kind of wake-up call is it going to take?! You'd probably just get more complacent even if an overly emotional alien commander committed career suicide in the desert to take your leaders the message that Earth was surely doomed without a massive protective space presence -- If such a thing ever occurred, that is.

Seriously, the space agencies are essentially lying by omission to the public by not pointing out the HUGE error bars in their asteroid risk estimates. I mean, Eris, a Dwarf Planet, was only discovered in 2005! Eris is about 27% more massive than Pluto, and passes closer in its elliptical orbit than Pluto -- almost all the way in to Neptune! Eris is essentially why your scientists don't call Pluto a planet anymore. They deemed it better to demote Pluto than admit you couldn't see a whole planet sitting right in your backyard... And NASA expects you to believe their overly optimistic estimates about far smaller and harder to spot civilization ending asteroids? Eventually your governments won't have the luxury of pissing away funding via scaremongering up war-pork and ignoring the actual threats you face, like a bunch of bratty rich kids.

Asteroids are only one threat, and one that we could mitigate relatively easily given advanced notice of their trajectories. However, Coronal mass ejections, Gamma ray bursts, Super Volcanoes, Magnetosphere Instability, etc. are all also severe threats that humanity can't mitigate with telescopes and a game of asteroid billiards alone -- Though fast acting manipulation of the gravitational matrix via strategic placement of asteroids could help with CMEs or gamma bursts too once you had a sufficient armament of even primitive orbiting projectiles. The irregularity in your magnetosphere should be particularly distressing because it is over 500,000 years overdue to falter and rebuild as the poles flip (according to reconstructions of your geo-magnetic strata) -- It could go at any time! Given the current very abnormal mag-field behavior you have no idea if it will spring right back up nice and organized like or leave you vulnerable to cosmic rays and solar flares for a few decades or centuries.

You should be grateful that the vulnerable periods of mag-pole flops halted as soon as humanity began showing some signs of intelligence -- even if this is absolutely only a mere coincidence. Mastery of energy threats will remain far beyond your technological grasp for the foreseeable future, but your species can mitigate such threats of extinction by self sustaining off-world colonization efforts! In addition to getting some of your eggs out of this one basket, the technology to survive without a magnetosphere on the Moon and Mars could be used to save the world here on Earth. In the event of a worst case scenario, humans could then repopulate Earth all by themselves after the dust settles from a mass extinction event. It's nearly unfathomable that anyone could sit comfortably in their gravity well thinking theirs may be the only spark of intelligent life in the universe while considering prioritizing anything above extinction prevention. If ancient myths about post-death paradise can invoke enough apathy that you would risk letting the only known spark of life go out, then yours is not a sentient species. Yes, you have all the space-time in the world, but those days are certainly numbered!

Those averse to human exploration of space now are not self aware and sentient beings. In fact, were I an alien overseer -- and I am most certainly not admitting that I am -- then based the lack of exploration beyond your magnetosphere over the past 40 years I would recommend we cut our losses and take your species off the endangered sentience list. I imagine -- as a purely hypothetical speculation -- that if humanity did owe an advanced alien race one hell of a tab, and showed no indication of ability to repay it for the infinite future, that one of them might risk violation of technological contamination statutes and propagandize the suggestion for you to get your asses to Mars and colonize it as soon as humanly possible -- which would have been about 67 years ago, if you hadn't wasted so much time murdering yourselves. Even if exposing a clear and troubling picture of humanity's place in the universe were an overt violation of some alien version of your fictional prime directive, it's not like one would not seriously need a permanent vacation after only a few decades of witnessing humanity's failure after mind-blowing failure to commit to ANYTHING resembling progress as a space faring race!

Perhaps one would rethink their benefit package at the last second, and bury their contemptuous assessment in a reply to an AC.

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