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Comment: Re:O rly (Score 1) 365 365

by DaHat (#50003277) Attached to: Are We Too Quick To Act On Social Media Outrage?

It's called wrongful termination and the civil lawsuit consequences

And if his employment was 'at-will'? If so then he has just as big of a leg to stand on as if he were fired because wore a green shirt to work on a Tuesday... none.

So long as you are not dismissed in violation of an employment agreement (which are usually worded in favor of the employer), in violation of law, or you can make a compelling case that you are a member of a protected class & that was actually the reason... you aren't going to win such a battle.

Comment: Re:Bernie Sanders (Score 1) 232 232

Or are you suggesting that something so ephemeral as an image could lead to action on the part of rage induced media overload

That was pretty much the claim that was made when Sarah Palin's group showed Gabby Giffords' congressional district with a crosshair over it.


Comment: Re:if it was that valuable... (Score 1) 173 173

by DaHat (#49901727) Attached to: SF86 Data Captured In OPM Hack

Does the place you work have two or more completely separate networks with no access between the inside & outside ones, requiring you two have two PCs on your desk, one for searching Google for how an API works or posting to /., and another you do your sensitive work work on? Probably not.

After 9/11 there was talk about setting up federal systems this way... clearly that still hasn't happened as once you breach a single PC inside of the corporate network, even if that PC doesn't have access to your target data, it and it's users permissions can be used to climb the ladder to find someone who does have data and use them.

Comment: Re:Bah! Media! (Score 1) 173 173

by DaHat (#49901669) Attached to: SF86 Data Captured In OPM Hack

Sony must not have been either when oodles of data got pulled out of them... or those detection measures were not enough.

Even if you are looking for mass uploads or downloads, there is no reason the bad guy wouldn't be willing to have the ex-filtration take a bit longer by spreading it between multiple offsite servers with smaller packages of data and over a longer bit of time.

Comment: Re:The Dark Age returns (Score 2) 479 479

Unfortunately I think you'll find that your example won't change any minds because:

1. Creationists won't accept this as an example of evolution. What they're looking to "disprove" is the idea that man evolved from apes, or rather that given time, one kind of animal species will transform into a completely new and distinct species. But in your example the moths are still moths, just in a different color.

2. More seriously you can't fight illogic with logic.

Comment: Re:Of course, it's likely copyrighted. (Score 1) 134 134

sue THEM for tampering with his code

Won't work if the company granted themselves the right to tamper in the Terms of Service.

That might save them from being sued by the users but not the publishers. They are creating unauthorized derivative copies of copyrighted works.

That's illegal.

A third party can't waive your right to defend your IP.


Comment: Re:Link? (Score 5, Insightful) 308 308

by DaHat (#49842397) Attached to: US Prosecutors Say Clearing Browser Data Can Be Obstruction of Justice

The summary is poorly worded.

It's not that clearing your browsing history, throwing out old logs/emails or flushing your toilet are inherently illegal, it's when you use them and why.

If the cops are knocking at your door and you decide to flush the drugs, that's obstruction, if you just hacked someone's system and then wiped all of the local logs on your machine to hide the evidence, that's obstruction. If however you have as a routine process... not to retain any email older than say... 30 days and purge pretty regularly (either manually or automatically), that's not obstruction, that's just good cleanliness, and if some incriminating evidence happens to be wiped out on day 30, it's a lot harder to prove that you were doing so to hide your wrongdoing rather than simply not wanting to have to keep around old Amazon offers which clutter your inbox.

Comment: Re:Good news (Score 1) 391 391

by Lord Kano (#49836813) Attached to: Making an AR-15 In the <em>Wired</em> San Francisco Office

Well, then rationally show me some examples of "good guys with guns" stopping anything. It just doesn't happen.

Stick to emotional arguments because the facts do not support you.

Paducah KY.

The assistant principle retrieved his pistol from his vehicle and stopped a school shooting before the police were on scene.


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