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by Lord Kano (#48201263) Attached to: 3D-Printed Gun Earns Man Two Years In Japanese Prison

Obviously getting stabbed or strangled is just as bad as getting shot, but before somebody can stab or strangle you, they need to get up close first, and you can only get close to one person at the time.

Most of the people out there shooting people aren't exactly what you'd call marksmen. They're still getting pretty close most of the time.

And if that person happens to be bigger and stronger, there's no guarantee that it will even work. With a gun, against an unarmed opponent, it's a lot easier and quicker, even if the opponent is bigger and stronger.

That's precisely why guns are important. A 90 pound woman is not going to be able to fight off a 250 pound man with her bare hands. She'll be able to do it with a pistol.


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by Lord Kano (#48201155) Attached to: 3D-Printed Gun Earns Man Two Years In Japanese Prison

Even if it comes to pass that metal 3D printers become cheap enough for people to start whipping up high quality guns at home, people will still be willing to pay for new and innovative products.

I suspect that you do not have much personal contact with the American gun culture. I am deeply immersed in it. I see guys selling their Third generation Glocks to buy Fourth generation versions of the same model.

Despite the fact that the 1911 is old and proven technology that nearly any manufacture can copy, people are will willing to pay more money for a Kimber because they make a really high end product.

If you're going to argue that eventually 3D printing will be able to produce pieces that are identical to those that can be made by high end manufacturers, how can any law be enforced against them? Once they're out of the printer, there's no way to tell where it came from.


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by Lord Kano (#48147009) Attached to: "Double Irish" Tax Loophole Used By US Companies To Be Closed

No. They're not lying. They are telling the truth. They structure their business models to make sure that the money is earned in the least taxable manner.

It's common sense. A for-profit corporation exists to maximize shareholder value within the confines of the law. To do anything less is a breach of fiduciary responsibilities.


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by DaHat (#48138331) Attached to: Tiny Wireless Device Offers Tor Anonymity

How do you determine that the checksum hasn't been modified in transit?

You could always audit the code yourself and compile it as well... but are you sure your compiler doesn't have any backdoors which might inject evil code just for something like this?

The bugger about paranoia... is you never know if you are sufficiently paranoid.

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There's a simple way of dealing with that. Don't be a racist nut job. Have actual valid reasons for your positions and keep the outrage to a reasonable level.

Coming from a person of color, far too often accusations of racism are used to silence legitimate dissent and debate.

Having valid reason and articulable concerns will not be enough to protect anyone from charges of racism.

We shouldn't be allowing anyone to enter this country if they have been to a country with an outbreak of any hemorrhagic disease in the past 90 days. For now, that means certain west African nations. The people in Zambia are every bit as black as the ones in Liberia and THEY aren't letting Liberians in.

Obama himself isn't a lefty, he's a moderate right politician. It's just the racism that blinds so many right wing nutjobs to what Obama is actually doing.

Depends on your politics. If you're an anti-war lefty, there's not much difference between Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush or Reagan.
If you're a small government righty, again, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Reagan aren't much different.

Me, I'm a fiscal moderate and a social conservative. There are lightyears between Obama and Bush, from my perspective.


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by DaHat (#48048313) Attached to: New OS X Backdoor Malware Roping Macs Into Botnet

It's not just Steve.

A few years back I indulged my then girlfriend (now wife) by joining her at an Apple Store to have them try to sell her on a MacBook (vs a PC).

During the pitch she asked about if she would need any anti-virus software for the machine and was told simply "No, Macs don't get PC viruses"

(Yes the statement is technically true, it does not answer her question nor provide an accurate reflection of the need for anti-virus/malware software even on a Mac).

Despite my jaw dropping in utter disbelief to the answer I had just heard, she later commented how surprised I was that I could keep my mouth shut during such nonsense.

Cobol programmers are down in the dumps.