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Comment: Re:Say what? (Score 2) 80 80

by I(rispee_I(reme (#40976077) Attached to: Tree's Leaves Genetically Different From Its Roots

Those who want to read it need not settle for a wikipedia editor's summary.

The story was originally printed in the March 1962 issue of Amazing Stories. Scan available here.

Also, Asimov's original title for the story, "What Is This Thing Called Love?" is restored in his short story collection, "Nightfall and Other Stories".

Comment: Re:Really? (Score 5, Interesting) 154 154

by I(rispee_I(reme (#40970583) Attached to: Barnes & Noble Cuts Prices on Nook Color, Tablet

Cyanogenmod 7 runs on the Nook Color, making it a full-fledged android tablet, now for 10% less money.

While technically the Nook Color still something of a content feeder spoon, since the tablet form factor lends itself more to consumption of content than creation, it's not strictly a pipeline for Barnes and Noble content, as your post implies.

I use mine mainly to read comic book scans. Now, for a modest $149,. you can read every Batman ever.

Comment: Re:Forced Upgrades? (Score 4, Informative) 665 665

by I(rispee_I(reme (#40882255) Attached to: Why We Love Firefox, and Why We Hate It

Firefox version history.

Note that the 3.6.x lineage continues to receive updates to fix security holes and improve stability. The most recent was March 13, 2012.

The download is here.

Install it, set the appropriate update options, and enjoy.

Best of all, I have yet to encounter an extension that doesn't work with it.

The trick is to disable extension version checking.

Most extensions will work fine, even when Firefox says they won't (based on the extension target version number not matching your Firefox version).

Comment: Re:But the real question is... (Score 1) 769 769

by I(rispee_I(reme (#40811725) Attached to: Koch Bros Study Finds Global Warming Is Real And Man-Made

1990's - "But the real question is, is climate change really occurring?"

2000's - "But the real question is, is climate change caused by humans?"

2010's - "But the real question is, is climate change a good thing or a bad thing?"

2020's - "But the real question is, how will we deal with this famine?"

The only climate change deniers for a long time now are people who are either too lazy to change or have a stake in not changing. Looking at you, auto and oil industries.

The universe is like a safe to which there is a combination -- but the combination is locked up in the safe. -- Peter DeVries