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Comment Re:What do you do (Score 1) 316

Do you think skilled scientists and engineers work just because you snap your fingers?

No, they work because they want money, and possibly also because they enjoy their profession. So, you make research grants, you pay them to work, and with a little luck you have innovation. You don't need Pfizer to make that work.

No, what it is called is "labor mobility" and "competitiveness". That means, in the end, governments do not get to set the rules and cannot force people to work or invest under conditions that they don't like.

No, it's called "taking advantage of our society for their profit". It's like using H1-B workers to make American profits using foreign labor prices.

Comment Re:The real worry should be Kessler Syndrome (Score 1) 98

If two major powers (the kinds that have satellite constellations) are fighting, we have a lot more to worry about than Kessler Syndrome. Like, say, global thermonuclear annihilation.

Replace Kessler Syndrome with bioweapons. Or firebombs. Whatever. Just because total annihilation is the worst possible outcome doesn't mean we should ignore other terrible outcomes.

Comment Re:Questions... (Score 1) 133

That is exactly what is happening. The researchers were monitoring pigs in farms and discovered the resistance to polymyxin/colistin. Colistin is used in pig farms in China, so it is doubtful to be just a coincidence. The researchers found 1 in 5 pigs carried the resistant E coli strain, and 1 in 7 samples of raw meat contained it.

I was never really scared of getting trichinosis since modern medicine can deal with that. This, on the other hand...

Comment Re:GM producers are shooting themselves in the foo (Score 2) 513

Well, they are already fighting an uphill battle against all the GM naysayers. Maybe if they openly labeled GM food *and* then subsidized prices of goods to cut through the FUD and get to consumers, they might get some traction.

As it stands, I should expect to get something from GM food. The appeal for GM food producers includes better quality, easier to handle, and/or cheaper to produce. In turn, I should get better quality/cheaper food.

Comment Re:That's nothing (Score 1) 258

Computers just aren't good at all at that sort of thing.

It's a simple trivial problem that doesn't need any AI to solve. One variable and a couple IF statements is all that is required.

Have the car reset a counter at midnight to zero. For each person the car runs over and kills, increment the counter by one.
Once that counter reaches 2999, shut down the engine and refuse to start until the next day.

If self driving cars limit themselves to less than 3000 people killed on the road per day, they will already be safer and kill less humans that our current situation with human driven cars, so the self-driving cars empirically win.

Comment Preach it! (Score 1) 358

The community can get fucked, nothing but a self-reinforcing pity party, inflicting mutual psychological self harm. The only benefit they provide is great cover, because of the stereotype of being awful, obvious, and dysfunctional. As for the umbrella: bunch of weekend warrior fetishists, lacking any conviction in their own identity, trying to steal validation from those who live it 24/7.

Comment Re:Male privilege (Score 3, Insightful) 345

Thankfully, medical practitioners can take a slightly more nuanced view of things, and don't take things at face value. Even to my untrained eye, it doesn't take long to notice that it's more akin to an simulation of social behaviour, than a fluent exchange - as such, it has all the hallmarks of the autistic behaviour.

Comment Re:Male privilege (Score 3, Interesting) 345

Where autistic men tend to latch onto trains, or other similar obsessions, many of the autistic women I've known have, at some point in their lives, become fixated on social interactions. The result is, with a lot of effort, they can be quite socially functional, albeit a little bit peculiar. This probably also skews the results of the test.

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