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Comment: Re:Some Sense Restored? (Score 1) 517

by causality (#48171175) Attached to: Debian Talks About Systemd Once Again

Gimp has a dbus dependency, and dbus in turn has the systemd libs as dependencies.

Which still sounds odd to me. I'm running Gentoo on my main desktop (Mint on my laptop) and have never installed systemd. I've decided to stick with OpenRC. GIMP works fine here and I do have dbus installed.

It seems this dbus dependency is not an unsolvable problem.

Comment: Re:As it is designed to do (Score 1) 138

by mfh (#48151737) Attached to: Data From Windows 10 Feedback Tool Exposes Problem Areas

MSFT is really under the gun to show they can produce quality. This is why competition is great for us and why we should pat ourselves on the back for pushing MSFT towards anti-monopoly standards. Google's Android releases keep looking better and better. Apple has their own embarrassments. MSFT has to do the software process to get it right and they know they can't afford another Win8 / Vista / WinME. We can always use Linux which is getting better and better every day. They are giving away Win8 now for $65 WITH A TABLET. (that's how bad it is.)

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by Razed By TV (#48124107) Attached to: Texas Health Worker Tests Positive For Ebola

Ebola is actually no worse than AIDS, from what I can tell from a quick search.
Just don't lick it, and you're fine.

I can put AIDs in my mouth all I want and not get AIDs.
If I put Ebola in my mouth, I will get infected with Ebola.
Please stop spreading this nonsense that Ebola is as difficult as AIDs to transmit. It is carried in more bodily fluids, and can be spread by contact with those fluids. It does not require a wound, as AIDs does.

Comment: Re:Your linux server won't help you. (Score 1) 174

by Razed By TV (#48120617) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: VPN Setup To Improve Latency Over Multiple Connections?
Poster is entirely aware that his unreliability comes from his mobile links. That is why he is asking the question. Better, affordable, providers probably don't exist in his area, and this is the game that he has decided he wants to play.

Chances are that his situation is similar to mine: around $20 a month towards Freedompop (WiMax) for one mobile connection, and tethering through my phone (4G) for another connection.
My other options are $55/month for Verzion FIOS (they no longer offer DSL in my area and have no affordable lower bandwidth plans available to me), or Comcast, which I would rather avoid based on all of the horror stories. Unless Google shows up to offer these guys some competition, the idea of a better provider is largely a myth.

The cellular networks are usually adequate. Latency and bandwidth are generally good when demand isn't peaked. When there is a lot of demand (friday nights, for instance), you just have to hope for the best, as latency will be very unpredictable. However, even when the connection seems good during non-peak hours, mobile networks seem to be plagued by random latency spikes. You can be playing a game with less than 200ms ping and all of a sudden you're looking at 1000ms+ ping times.
If you could use both mobile networks at once, the chances of them both crapping out at the same time is going to be less than it is for one or the other.

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by causality (#48120477) Attached to: Flash IDE Can Now Reach Non-Flash Targets (Including Open Source)

That's funny because twenty years ago, people were saying exactly the same things about x86 processors.

Slashdot has a long sordid history with Flash.

Pre-Android: "Flash sucks. It's proprietary"

Post Android when Apple was denying Flash on iOS and Google and Adobe were praising how great Flash was on Android: "Flash is great!"

Adobe dumps support for Flash on Android: "Flash sucks. Its proprietary."

It's that proprietary nature that makes this a concern at all. If it weren't proprietary then it wouldn't matter if Adobe themselves decided to release it for a particular platform. The community would produce a version that would run on just about any widely-used system.

Comment: Re:Ebola threat (Score 1) 478

by Razed By TV (#48115071) Attached to: The CDC Is Carefully Controlling How Scared You Are About Ebola

The problem is that there is a very random factor involved here, and that factor is humans.

In an age of not taking responsibility for our actions, we are relying on people to 1) recognize they may be sick, and 2) take the proper actions once they suspect that they are sick.
I can imagine all sorts of scenarios, someone in denial about having it, someone that thinks they have a more benign illness and can't afford to take off from work, someone uneducated about Ebola, someone who denies the existence of Ebola, or someone who thinks that God will protect him from Ebola and that he will recover on his own.
Think of a somewhat possible worst case scenario: This person lives in New York city, takes 2 or 3 different trains/buses to get to work, maybe uses an elevator, visits a public cafeteria, doesn't wash their hands. How many people could be exposed in two days?

It might not be likely to happen, but if it does, how would you contain it?

Comment: Re:boo hoo hoo (Score 1) 337

With current consoles, these games can be patched. So not only is Ubi just pissing and moaning, but they could still find ways to dumb down the AI, remove NPC's, and find other ways to lower CPU load. Instead of changing their game to make it better, they fingerpoint at the thing that they cannot change.

Comment: Re:The Conservative Option (Score 5, Insightful) 480

by Razed By TV (#48096625) Attached to: Texas Ebola Patient Dies
No mod points, or I would have modded GP up.

An Ebola outbreak in the US is undesirable by pretty much everybody here, except maybe for people with stock in the companies producing cures and vaccines.

Travel bans seem entirely reasonable to me. If aid workers want to go over and help, then by all means we should have some sort of quarantine procedure in place so we can get them home. But we don't need Joe Schmoe going over there, getting infected, and bringing it back with him. It's an unnecessary risk, just as it is unnecessary to take a leisure trip to Liberia in the middle of an epidemic.

I am a little surprised that noone is fear mongering about someone intentionally spreading Ebola. It seems like the perfect thing to let loose in a country you are at odds with, whether you are another country or a terrorist organization.

Comment: Re:Possible sequence (Score 1) 171

by Razed By TV (#48076863) Attached to: Apple Sapphire Glass Supplier GT Advanced Files For Bankruptcy
Well, when the spec is "Glass doesn't crack when you drop it", and the glass cracks when you drop it, it shouldn't have taken the company until they were knee deep in shit to figure out that they couldn't deliver. They should have found out from the early prototypes that they had a problem.

There was a lot of money involved so they decided to play the game. They played, and they lost.

Could Maroney Be Prosecuted For Her Own Hacked Pictures? 274

Posted by timothy
from the one-notch-from-thoughtcrime dept.
Contributor Bennett Haselton writes with a interesting take on the recent release of racy celebrity photos: "Lawyers for Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney succeeded in getting porn sites to take down her stolen nude photos, on the grounds that she was under 18 in the pictures, which meant they constituted child pornography. If true, that means that under current laws, Maroney could in theory be prosecuted for taking the original pictures. Maybe the laws should be changed?" Read on for the rest.

Comment: Re:Spawn of Satan! (Score 5, Insightful) 68

by causality (#48026539) Attached to: Analyzing Silk Road 2.0

I've been hooked on opiates for 15 years now. [...] and my morals are still intact

These two things don't go together. You may want to re-evaluate. Get real help and free yourself.

Different person here. This is in line with my own personal morality and absolutely correct. My life is mine to do with as I please. I am free to do whatever I want whenever I want, provided that the consequences are SOLELY confined to consenting adults (generally that would be just me).

Anything else is an evil desire to control other people, with the approval you get from your own conscience, by convincing yourself it's for their own good, so you can pat yourself on the back and feel like a good person. The typical lack of reasoning ability, wisdom or long-term thinking in most people today and the general shallow thinking of the popular culture sadly promotes and legitimizes this inability to be satisfied with one's own life while respecting that others will live theirs as they please and realizing that telling people how they should live has never worked in the first place (c.f. Prohibition) so there should not even be a debate about this.

Someone who cannot responsibly use things (usually due to either a lack of personal maturity and self-knowledge, and/or an inability to deal with one's own life that causes them to reach for drugs as a quick-fix "remedy") has a problem. There are many others who use drugs the same way you might come home from work and drink a beer and stay home. Like Bill Hicks pointed out, it sure is strange the way you never hear about responsible drug users on the news or see them portrayed on shows. That would contradict all the fear propaganda and think-of-the-children rhetoric. Pay attention and you'll notice that the major mass media outlets will generally never contradict either: each other, or anything that faciltiates control. Adult people who are expected to make their own decisions about their own lives in a responsible manner, without being told how to live, absolutely does not facilitate control. Qui bono?

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