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Comment: Re:More hoax maskerading as "science" (Score 2) 416

by I'm just joshin (#44523227) Attached to: How Much Should You Worry About an Arctic Methane Bomb?

So far this summer has been nice. We had a few really hot days, but fewer than normal. We didn't get enough rain from our "monsoon," but that's what I say almost every year. It's going to be somewhere between 103F and 107F today which is on the low side of normal.

And looking at our electrical use for the summer, it's about 15% lower than last year which means our A/C units haven't been running as hard.

But go ahead and hype how hot it has been here, especially to anyone in California. We like that, it helps keep more Californians from moving here.


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by I'm just joshin (#40523923) Attached to: Gmail Takes Largest Webmail Service Crown

Aah yeah. That was an awesome bug, totally "The Daily WTF" worthy.

One of the QA interns on the Dev side got tired of entering a password as he was testing and changed the code so any password would pass the check. He of course forgot to undo his change. I personally managed that incident since all the other adult supervision on both the Dev and Ops side was at an offsite. It was one of the most fun days in my time at Hotmail.

I thought it was lame of his manager (DB) to not renew his internship. Smart kid, rookie mistake. Wonder where he's at now.

I left in 2000 so missed the 2001 incident. (There was also an incident in '97 where a friendly hacker figured out how to see any file in the filesystem. The site was still Perl based at the time. My boss wanted to call the FBI, I convinced him to let me send him a computer as a "Thank you for telling us" present instead.)

Meanwhile, seeing you flail about as you're trying to prove God knows what is kinda cute. Hopefully everyone else is enjoying me share some of those memories.


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