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Comment Re:Free beer? (Score 1) 391

I like ice water, though sometimes there is that chlorine smell. Ice tea is ok, unsweetened - I'll add my own amount of sugar, thank you very much.

If I'm in the mood for drinking, a nice whiskey goes well with many dishes. Or whatever creative mixed drink the restaurant can think up that's still basically a shot of rum or vodka with coke or juice.

I don't drink beer, either weak goat piss from the US, or the German varieties that come with a knife to cut them. I also don't drink wine. I've even tried those new "hard cider" things, and they simply taste like beer made from apples. That isn't what cider should remind one of.

Comment Re:Other option (Score 1) 391

Your local coal or gas powered electricity-generation plant will suffice. Or equal time in a nuclear reactor, or tied to a blade of a windmill (swatting away the birds), or in the outlet tubes of the hydro-electricity dam, or on that solar tower where birds burst into flames while flying by.

Take your pick. A half hour in the direct path of power generation doesn't seem to be very fun, no matter the source.

Comment Re:Other bugs (Score 1) 409

I used firefox since version 2, as my main browser. I got tired of something that looks like Chrome, but still needs Flash installed to play the free games online. So with my new computer, I simply gave in to the dark side, and installed Chrome directly. The bonus is better memory usage.

If Firefox wants users back, they have to be their own browser again, but clear up the memory issues first.

Comment Re:WTF America how do you raise your kids? (Score 1) 449

You must not live in the America I see. Way too many kids are happy being pets, as long as they have their sex and drugs on a regular basis. The few who avoid that lifestyle still have a better chance of being slaves of the robots rather than the owners.

Yeah, it's all going to Hell. But at least some privileged girls will go in a group with no boys allowed.

Comment Re:Not a real story (Score 1) 361

Yes, because school violence doesn't happen anywhere in the US. And bombs are never used to kill people in the US. And the US has never had a terrorist attack happen on its own soil. So the fact that this happened in Texas as opposed to Iraq makes it impossible that something bad could result.

Comment Re:Not a real story (Score 1) 361

I remember one of those hidden camera/prank TV shows years ago (mid to late 1980s) had a sequence that fits right into your point about "every briefcase" possibly being a hoax bomb.

The TV crew went to Egypt (if I recall correctly) to film this prank. They had a man walk up to strangers in a public square, ask that stranger to bring a briefcase to a certain building, maybe a courthouse, force the briefcase into the stranger's hand, then run away quickly. The stranger is left holding a briefcase that may or may not explode if they do anything, and the look of horror on their faces was exactly what the show's producers were hoping for. I couldn't believe the show had such stupid people, who thought that prank was in the least bit funny.

So, yes, any briefcase is potentially a hoax bomb, if you act like it is a bomb.

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