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Automobiles are not a necessary part of life. Ask the Europeans that constantly tell us Americans we are too enslaved to the notion that we all need our own car. Bikes work for many people; walking works for those who choose to live near where they work, and vice versa. Subways and trains work for millions of people. So, no, automobiles are not a necessary part of everyone's life. They are a convenience, bordering on a luxury.

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by I'm New Around Here (#47903961) Attached to: California Declares Carpooling Via Ride-Share Services Illegal

Your question was, "So, do you think the law in Iran that they execute people who won't convert to Islam is wrong?"

The article you linked to says he is being held now for "spreading corruption", or converting Muslims to Christians. So, no, it still isn't the law to execute Christians who don't convert to Islam.

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Besides his posting history, human nature should come into play.

Wife: Honey, I want to have sex, but am afraid your .45 may accidentally discharge and hurt me.
Husband: Too bad. I ain't moving it.
Wife: If you just put the gun in the night stand, I'll let you fuck me silly.
Husband: Do I have to put the safety on while it's in the drawer?
Wife:I would prefer it, but just make sure it's pointing towards the wall.
Husband: Can I take it back out afterwards and put it under my pillow?
Wife: Yes, but I'm sleeping in the other room.
Husband: OK, works for me.

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