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Comment: Re:The UK Government Are Massively Out Of Touch (Score 1) 190

by I'm New Around Here (#49519603) Attached to: Assange Talk Spurs UK Judges To Boycott Legal Conference

In 2010, Assange threatened to post on Wikileaks a trove of information about Russia, Putin, his administration, and important businessmen. This information was going to do a lot of damage to all concerned. The material never showed up.

Go to Wikileaks, and view their Russian section. It has just normal run of the mill postings, such as who was a creditor/borrower from the failed banks. Nothing really damaging to anyone, let alone Putin or Russia as a whole.

Comment: Re:Hell No Hillary (Score 1) 676

Please don't vote for Hillary just because she is a woman.

Why don't you tell many of your fellow Americans not to vote for Huckabee or Jindahl or Cruz or Rubio "just because he is a Christian".

Maybe because this topic is about Bat-Shit-Crazy Hillary Clinton, who is a woman.

Your assumption is pretty ignorant.

You think no one voted for "the first black president" just because he was black? Your ignorance is incredible.

That of course, being a woman, the only reason someone would vote for Hillary Clinton is because of her gender. Gee, I wonder how women ever got the idea that men in technology are misogynist?

Are you saying you have proof that no person would vote for her, simply because they want a woman as President? Please post the proof.

    (full disclosure: I do not plan on voting for Secretary Clinton.)

Does that mean you will not vote for her, or that in the end you will simply hold your nose and choose her over "that evil Republican", which ever one is chosen?

Full disclosure: I voted for Obama in 2008, and stand by my decision, even though he is the worst Executive Officer this country has seen, in so many different ways it defies counting.

Full disclosure: I voted for the Green Party, led by Dr Jill Stein, in 2012, because she seemed the only candidate with intelligence and good character. I don't support 90%+ of the Green Party planks, but my wishes aren't what's important in a national leader.

Full disclosure: I will not vote for Hillary Clinton, nor will I vote for the Republican candidate, in 2016. I can't stand her personally, or the Republican party in general. I won't waste my vote on either. It will go towards the candidate who I feel best deserves it.

That is how you do a full disclosure of your vote, if you think it is so important for us to know. Not this insipid crap of "I do not plan on...".

Comment: Re:in the fine print ... (Score 1) 63

by I'm New Around Here (#49425797) Attached to: Radar That Sees Through Walls Built In Garage

Yes, it can cause ionization by bumping electrons around

No. Any electrons that can be "bumped" around by EM radiation with wavelengths longer than UV are already in the conduction band. In other words, the ionization already happened and any induced current occurs in "loose" electrons... or, more likely, existing ions in solution.

It's called non-ionizing radiation for a reason.

Wait a sec. I thought that was non-unionizing radiation.

I'm gonna havta rethink my support of that now.

Comment: Re:Clearly, she is a (Score 1) 538

Thank you for replying. I couldn't stand McCain either. He was against all the conservative issues (a real maverick) two years before running for the presidency, but became Mr. Conservative for the campaign. Oh, and all we were told was that he was a war hero and a POW (did I mention he was a Vietnam POW war hero?), rather than any meaningful details or personal stances.

  I disagree on Obama's performance, and its causes/obstacles, but everyone has their own view.

Also good to see more third-party voters, for any reason. I voted Green party last time, really liked their candidate.

Comment: Re:WAHT TEH FUCK` (Score 1) 201

This same AC has posted so many "evil Republican" stories, that are so outlandish, I can't decide if he is a moron liberal that just loves ranting idiotically about Republicans, or if he is a moron conservative that loves planting a false-flag attack in a thread.

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