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Comment Re:Micropayments? (Score 1) 222

One problem I would have with micropayments at random sites is how the payment is made. I'm not going to give every site my credit card info, I use Paypal for what I get off ebay, but wouldn't want to use that on every random site either. I don't use Bitcoins, Appple Pay, Google Wallet, or any of the other electronic payment programs, and I'm not going to start just to access those same sites.

Comment Re:It shows how powerful misinformation is (Score 1) 222

So PETA should simply shoot those two people in the head and then burn down their houses. That's what I would do to someone who kidnapped and tortured my child. You are saying the response is valid in the case of the doctors, if I feel it is valid in the case of my own child. So encourage PETA to do some animal rights sniping and arson.

For what it's worth, I would not do that in response to your child being treated so. If you don't care enough about your own child, why should I?

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