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Comment Re:Curious (Score 1) 291

Did I say I'm opposed to it? I think it is more useless political bullshit, but I don't care either way. I'm not from Alaska or Ohio, and have no stake in this other than taxwise (money spent to change textbooks and maps, etc.). I'm just stating what I think Obama would do if the mountain had been named for a white Democrat instead of a white Republican.

Comment Re:A free search engine (Score 1) 108

A paid operating system included features that prevented competitors' programs to run on it. Oh the humanity!

A paid operating system included a memory optimization program that was a copy of a competitor's paid memory optimization program. Oh the humanity!

If the paid operating system's maker had only ever abused it's monopoly by offering a free web browser, no one would have cared.

Comment Re:Just a question (Score 1) 291

You are talking about one country in the world, and part of its history that ended within a century of its independence. I'm talking about humans through history, and not just 'indentured servants'.

I was going to give an example in my previous post, but thought it would dilute the point too much. I guess I should have kept it in the final draft.

Do you know why American tap dancing and Irish dancing are so similar to each other? Despite one having a historic association with blacks, and the other comes from a group as white as white can be, the two dance styles have almost the same mechanics. This is because they were developed to their modern forms on the British plantations in the Carribean. Why would Irish dancing be developed on a tropical island? Because the British enslaved the Irish, and sent these slaves to work on the sugar plantations alongside the black slaves. The two groups of slaves realized that their dances they did after supper were similar, and developed them together. As the slaves, black and white, were eventually freed, the dancing styles were carried to the American mainland. For every famous black tap dancer in the US, there was a white slave who was his ancestor's dance partner.

Add to this the fact that Europeans enslaved whites whenever one side won a war, or some petty 'kingdom' of two villages and a pig sty overran the village and pig sty next door. The Chinese rulers enslaved the Chinese commoners. The muslims of the Middle East and North Africa enslaved many black Africans to sell at the Mediterranean seaports to any ship that needed bodies, or that wanted more goods to sell at the European seaports. And all those Africans brought over to America from Africa were enslaved by black Africans first, then sold to white Europeans at the slave markets along the coast.

So whatever point you think you are making has squat all to do with relevant history, if you are trying to limit the discussion simply to whites owning black slaves.

Comment Re:Who the fuck is McKinley? (Score 0) 291

Well, my mom always taught us that "nigger" doesn't have anything to do with the color of a person's skin. It's about their actions and how they treat others. A nigger will beat up a little old lady for her pension check, and it doesn't matter if either person is white, black, asian, hispanic, or any other race. Race has nothing to do with it.

Comment Re:Curious (Score 1) 291

If it had been named Mt Roosevelt? No way Obama would have allowed it to be changed on his watch. He would have given long teleprompterisms about how historic the mountain is under the name Roosevelt. And if it did get changed despite him, it would be the fault of those evil Republicans who want him to fail.

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 291

And more people blame Bush for the delayed response rather than the Democrats in charge of the city and the state who needed to request federal assistance. I know, it's tough being a whiny child when there are rules to follow, but you still have to follow the rules, or face the consequences.

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