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Comment Re:Birds are not living dinosaurs, (Score 1) 47 47

Actually, the Wikipedia article I linked to explicitly says that my definition is what most people consider to be correct. It's only a new generation of 'dinosaur experts' that have decided they don't like that definition, and have came up with a new classification system. Now, only one particular group of ancient reptiles counts as dinosaurs, based solely on their hip joint, even though many of that group don't fit at all the classic view of dinosaurs.

As a point of fact, the term 'dinosaur' is itself mis-descriptive because neither part of the word is particularly accurate to the new classification. I guess the word should join phlogiston on the heap of discredited scientific lore.


Fine. I get it. New crops of scientists have different views from their predecessors. They look at things from a different angle, make different assumptions, and produce different classifications. Eventually new models are agreed on, even though those new models are also open to re-interpretation by the next wave of scientists. So, just as I'll wait for Pluto to again be called a planet in its own right, I'll wait for dinosaurs to include ancient reptiles that seem to fit the template better than the hummingbird does.

Comment Re:First, do no harm (Score 1) 265 265

I honestly do not know what your point here is.

Actually, Doctors can tell that bill to go fuck itself.

Actually, the governor just did that by vetoing it.

The state is not a medically-licensed entity. It has no right to practice medicine.

"The state" is the entity that does the licensing. It has the authority to determine what doctors can, can't, or must do in various situations. Usually, these rules are made with input from medical professionals, or written by the medical community itself, then passed into law through the state legislature, and signed by the governor.
In this case, this one rule change was stopped at that last point. Why you are attacking me for pointing that out is ... Actually, again, I don't know what that is, other than misguided.

Judges that make medical decisions are explicitly practicing medical fraud.

Not that that has been mentioned above, but I'm sure judges use their authority given to them by the same state that licenses medical professionals, when they make medical decisions.
You may not agree with them, but you can't prove your claim of "medical fraud".

And the medical doctors have every right to file suit and/or the medical association may levy fines, as it is firmly within their jurisprudence.

????? Again, no idea what your point is.

Please try again when you possess any form of medical licensing and have read the rights which are afforded to you when you obtain said licensing.

It doesn't take being a licensed medical professional (doctor, nurse, dentist, psychiatrist, etc.) to understand a law that applies to them. By the way, laws don't grant rights, whichever ones you may be claiming here. Laws may define or stipulate a certain authority, responsibility, or privilege, especially for groups that work within other rights observed by the system.
So get back to me when you actually understand the laws which you are trying to attack. So far you have just been tilting at windmills.

Comment Re:Feels weird agreeing with scientologists (Score 1) 265 265

It's up to 4 hours for a raving lunatic to "cool down".

The post I responded to specifically was about raving lunatics. Are you sure doctors can't already detain raving lunatics in the state this article is about?

The first response to that post denied that raving lunatics can be detained, and for proof it was stated that they can be detained. I pointed out the error of that post.

Now, you are just as blind in your reaction, making a statement you surely don't know the accuracy of, because of some personal bias that isn't my concern.

So, I will state again, for all you idiots out there: If a person is a raving lunatic,which implies being an immediate danger to themselves and others, the legal and medical systems already have laws/rules/procedures in place to handle the situation. Period. End of lecture.

Comment Re:First, do no harm (Score 1) 265 265

Apparently, since the governor vetoed the bill that would have allowed/required doctors to do so, it is not their fucking job to detain their patients in this way. Other states surely have different rules, but we are not talking about those states here.

It's funny you mention I learn the word jurisprudence, since it obviously is outside your ken.

Comment Re:Dangerous power (Score 1) 265 265

Theresa is bipolar. She's went off her meds around New Year's Eve. She got so bad and refused any kind of treatment or to take her meds,

What did the sister do that the husband couldn't have done at the start? He surely knew his wife had this condition, but he did nothing except file for divorce?

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