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Comment: Re:It's only fair (Score 1) 133

How many times do we see actions forcing a company to change their ways, where it all started with one person complaining?

Nedlohs can spin it how he wants, but he effectively said no individual matters, for any reason or any situation.

Considering how many people have ditched cable and sattellite service over the last few years, there are a lot of people who realized they can live without ESPN.

Comment: Re:It's only fair (Score 1) 133

In fact you make up approximately 0% and hence your particular preferences

His particular preferences apply to to every other geek here who doesn't care about sports and ESPN. That group is bigger than 0%.

Are you somehow claiming every individual has no influence, because everyone is approximately 0% of the population in general, or of patrons of a particular business?

Comment: Re:I hate to imagine it (Score 1) 119

I agree with your view.

I thought one of the properties of viruses is that they often stay dormant for a long time, and then re-emerge.

Just because she had 'no signs' of infection doesn't mean there weren't a remaining few viruses waiting for the medicine regimen to end.

Comment: Re:Probable cause (Score 1) 218

I never pretended anything "never happened". I mentioned one episode, as I said above, only because I thought it was funny that someone would specifically mention "WASPs" messing up the Middle East. So I brought up the Crusades because there were no WASPs in it.

Honestly, I don't know what you think my mission is, but you're barking up the wrong tree.

Comment: Re:Probable cause (Score 1) 218

No, that's not at all what I was getting at.

Mister Liberty mentioned in his post WASPs in the Middle East. I referred to the Crusades because those happened before there were WASPs. If you think someone is picking on Christians or white people, it started before I posted.

But in reality, claiming I'm trolling because I mention a historic episode is pretty thin. When I'm trolling this board, everyone knows it, and mods appropriately.

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