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Comment: Re: Do people really take this risk seriously? (Score 1) 216

by KGIII (#49757237) Attached to: Asteroid Risk Greatly Overestimated By Almost Everyone

To be honest I don't know how I would feel but it is of little concern after the fact. I don't really fear death, I do not welcome it but I accept it as a part of reality. I do suppose it would help to mention I am a Buddhist and getting up there in age now so I have considered death in great detail and realized that I do not have to fear it. I may be a bit angry if you are trying to kill me but, for instance, in my youth I was in combat a number of times so you wouldn't be the first to try though it would be more personal in your case. So, would I care? Not enough to matter too much and I may try to stop it but I would accept it on my way out and not care one wit after the fact. I don't worry about an asteroid either. By the same token I don't do stupid stuff like drive drunk or not wear a seatbelt. I do not seek or desire death, it just is not all that scary or worrisome really. It is just another step, Bare minimum, belief systems aside, I will eventually return to the matter of the stars so, no, I guess I have an odd (perhaps even wrong) view of death? As I aged I became more comfortable with it instead of fearing it more.

Comment: Re:Please, no. (Score 1) 142

by KGIII (#49757219) Attached to: The Body Cam Hacker Who Schooled the Police

I have a Republican governor... LePage... (Maine) He is busy starving the poors and taking away their other assistance while gutting DHHS it seems. I am pondering moving to Canada as I am of First Nation's heritage and thus have Canadian citizenship for quite some time now. I kid you not about the poor starving. He has also taken away their health care (I don't mind my taxation rate) for some reason. Starving and ill will be our growth industry here by year's end. I really wish I were kidding.

Comment: efficient prediction/interp also necessary (Score 1) 26

Oculus says any less than 90fps will cause motion sickness....

Does the Sony running at 60fps have this problem?

side note: Alex Vlachos is the head of something-or-the-other-VR-development at Valve and gave a fascinating presentation at GDC2015 which GDC Vault has kindly opened up viewing of for free. This is where parent's 90fps comment came from.

What I found particularly interesting was their use of interpolation combined with efficient stacking of GPU API calls in advance of the next V-Sync to ensure the GPU hits the frame sync immediately. Their pipelined architecture predicts 2 frames in advance, updates the predictions for the frames with the latest head-trajectory calculations right before dispatch, and can blah blah go watch the video. He's an entertaining personality, talks fast to keep you engaged, and covers the content quite efficiently. In fact, I'm going to go re-watch it right.

Comment: Re: RTFA (Score 2) 161

by electrosoccertux (#49756769) Attached to: California Votes To Ban Microbeads

A medical centrifuge accelerates this process dramatically....

really? how long will it take you to filter sewage with a medical centrifuge?

And if not, then we need to look at other means of processing the water. Possibly some sort of industrial centrifuge would be a good idea?

Why why why does every single municipal sewage treatment plant on the entire planet need a massive upgrade because there are people out there who cannot stand the concept of having dead skin cells on their faces?

you shouldn't even need microbeads for facial skin exfoliation, acid masks are $15 for a bottle that lasts for like, a year. the acid dissolves the glue holding the dead layer of skin on, and then it slowly falls off. No exfoliation needed, just 5-10 minutes of applying the mask then rinse off.*

*I am a man. I looked into this as a means of regrowing/replacing skin that was damaged from acne when I was much much younger, so young in fact that I came up with my silly username

Comment: Re:Meh... (Score 1) 161

by electrosoccertux (#49756741) Attached to: California Votes To Ban Microbeads

This isn't the first time that I've seen mention of this. If I'm remembering previous articles correctly, these beads are ending up being consumed by very small sea creatures, who cannot process them, who then are eaten by bigger sea creatures, who also cannot process them, etc, until they build up in large concentrations toward the top of the foodchain to poison those alpha predators. There's concern for humans that eat those largest animals too.

Honestly I'm surprised that they were legal in the first place, but if there wasn't an explicit law against them then I guess the companies that have manufactured and used them were free to do so regardless of any perceived morality on the matter.

I'm kinda disappointed, the Crest 3D toothpaste in the blue tube was the first one that actually manages to maintain teeth whiteness for me

Comment: Re:Missing option (Score 1) 168

by KGIII (#49755359) Attached to: When it comes to Slashdot ...

I do not wish to seem like an ass but, perhaps, you should not come back then? If you are displeased then, well, it seems logical that you would spend your time seeking somewhere that you are more comfortable and enjoy the content more so than you do here. Nobody is forcing you to enter the URL leading here (as far as I know) so you are the direct cause of your displeasure. Also, just to make sure that this is out there and not subject to debate, I am - by any stretch of the imagination - a leftist.

I do have some beliefs that I share with the left and I have some that I share with the real conservatives (not the insane folks on either side) so I self-identify as a Classic Libertarian. It is difficult to identify as such as the party has been co-opted by the right as a dumping ground for their ignorant and vocal idiots who are ashamed to identify themselves as Republicans. I, for example, strongly support gun rights but I also support Singly Payer Health Care. Single payer is cheaper in the long run and gun rights are a universal way to allow people to ensure their own safety. I do not, for instance, support government intrusion and think that things like DUI checkpoints and anti-drug laws are absurd. So I really run across the spectrum but the base of my beliefs are as minimal legislation as possible while ensuring the general safety of the populace.

I add the above paragraph to ensure that you do not think you are being replied to by a group-think leftist (or rightist) and that my political beliefs do not fit in here very well. I am, obviously, ASSuming that you're the same AC as the poster of comment #49727505. If you are not then, well, you can ignore much of this post. If you are then feel free to add additional information but, again, the root cause of your unhappiness is that you opt to continue going to a site that you dislike. To me that seems a lot like punching yourself in the face just so you can complain about the pain. It is highly illogical so perhaps I am missing something? Maybe you are a masochist? Maybe you are expecting the site to change (you are aware of the adage about insanity and doing the same thing over and over again expecting the results to be different, yes) in the interim? I agree that the site was better in the past but it is not so bad as to make me not return and I do not expect the site to change to meet my expectations, I just accept that it is different. There are still quality posts and valid educational comments that are of great benefit to me, I like learning new stuff, so I still return to mine the quality content but I don't allow myself to become disenchanted by the posts that lack quality, I just move along and accept that people are people and there is little I can do to alter that.

Yeah, TLDR but it seemed a good post to reply to and to air my thoughts on the subject. At times it does seem like it isn't worth returning but moving to a new thread about an obscure topic with only a few comments is often enough to remind me of the many benefits I have had from browsing /. in the past and will be rewarded with in the future. I find that winnowing out the chaff means that I can still find the same posting quality, though diluted, here if I maintain an open mind and don't hold people to my standards but, rather, accept them for who they are even though I don't agree with them. You are, of course, free to do as you want but that has been my solution and it has been effective for me.

Comment: Re:The (obligatory) Missing Option.... (Score 1) 168

by KGIII (#49755169) Attached to: When it comes to Slashdot ...

Heh... Wow? You said what I was thinking (quite literally almost all of it - though I only subscribed for a few years before I felt that the quality hadn't dropped so much as it had become diluted. Now I seldom comment except in rather rare occasions when I am feeling "chatty" or the subject is of great interest to me which is where we differ it seems. Other than those minor differences your post is so on target that I probably could have just typed, "THIS." However, if I am going to type THIS then I probably should add "Hitler" just to round things off and make sure all my bases are covered.

Comment: Re:The (obligatory) Missing Option.... (Score 2) 168

by KGIII (#49755117) Attached to: When it comes to Slashdot ...

How in the hell did you reach that conclusion?

Also, on my screen, you posted at 11:39 AM and s.petry replied at 11:19 AM. So, from the information I have at hand - according to /. actually, they replied to your comment before you posted it. That, right there, is more interesting than your absurd conclusion.

Comment: Re:Thanks to reader sleepypsycho for the poll idea (Score 1) 168

by KGIII (#49755005) Attached to: When it comes to Slashdot ...

I am not sure why but it seems that I get a pack of mod points every time I post. That is what it seems like though I seldom post anything as of late. Basically if I come here today, as I have, in a posting mood and add some content then I end up with mod points even if I do not have my comments moderated. I am not sure how that works or why it works that way. The only thing I can think of is that the system notes my lack of posting as of late and thus it awards points, as an incentive perhaps, just for having posted? I really haven't a clue as to the actual methods but it is odd to get mod points without having been modded up. It has been like this for at least the last year if I recall correctly. As I stated, I don't have a clue how they are awarded but that has been my observation. I have posted a few comments today (instead of just reading the comments section) and will likely have mod points by this evening if the past is indicative of the future.

Impertinent Content: The reason I don't post much is that I have not seen anyone change their mind due to a forum/comments section and people do not thank one another when they are learning something because some learned person decided to take the time to submit a quality post. It is mostly people, from what I have witnessed, throwing around their beliefs and not bothering to listen or learn about the opposing views. They seem happiest when there is an echo chamber and when they are in the majority. Thus it seems to be a waste of time to post but it does make for interesting, sometimes repetitive, reading so I do read a lot of the comments and resist the urge to reply.

Comment: Re:Thanks to reader sleepypsycho for the poll idea (Score 1) 168

by KGIII (#49754893) Attached to: When it comes to Slashdot ...

Checking legitimate sources indicates that I can buy low quality versions of his show for a couple of dollars and high quality versions of some of those (some require membership to the site) for four bucks each. I have no issues with paying for the content and would love to support him by purchasing the content so I think I will go blow some money on the show and download them so I can listen to them while I travel. Thanks again for making me think about him and being the catalyst (even if that wasn't your intention) that motivated me to search. I'll even join his site so that I can get the high quality copies of some of the restricted shows. 'Tis worth it to me so I won't bother seeking other, perhaps illegal, sources though I would not be surprised to find him on various torrent sites.

Comment: Re:Thanks to reader sleepypsycho for the poll idea (Score 1) 168

by KGIII (#49754787) Attached to: When it comes to Slashdot ...

I miss the Doctor. His syndicated show is no longer aired by any stations that I receive to the best of my knowledge and I have listened for him on channels that were more likely to be the sort to carry him. I have not investigated online solutions. I probably should... I think I will so thanks for the unintended mental prodding though I would not be surprised if he didn't produce his show any longer. I shall check and see what the mighty Google leads me to.

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