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Comment: Re:Outside help (Score 1) 394 394

In 2012 I had 100,000 Euros income paid 86,000 Euros spent on taxes

In 2007 I sold my business to a major government contractor, that is pretty much all they do - government contracts from food service to defense, for an eight-figure sum. My taxes were nowhere near your taxation rate and now they are even less, I pay less in capital gains taxes than I paid before. (I can afford an accountant and a lawyer now.) The only taxes that I pay "dearly" on are property taxes and I do get raped there. I really can not complain - I still pay less than I probably should.

For those who would say that I should pay more... I pay exactly what is due and avoid any taxes possible. I donate as much as is reasonable instead. I consider it my same social spending only I get to spend it on feeding hungry people instead of bombing brown people.

But, come on now... You spent an absurd amount on taxes, overall taxes, and that is not cool. Now if you were making a huge some of money, say 10,000,000 per year as some jackass CEO, then sure - the amount is still absurd but the overall amount that you'd keep is still acceptable. In your case? I do not blame you for being unhappy. That is simply unacceptable. The obvious result is that you, and others like you, will go elsewhere and the business will move elsewhere when and where it can unless they provide some very compelling reasons to stay. At those rates? I am going to need a daily supply of hookers and blow (and blackjack) on the government dime. Otherwise? I am taking my ball and I am going home. Fuck you and fuck your society (no, not you personally but the society you left) because I do not like my neighbor that much. Oh, I love my neighbor, so to speak, I just do not love him that much.

You kept 14% of your income... I am shocked that you stayed as long as you did. You probably would have been better off being on welfare. It probably pays better. Note: I have no idea how Greece's welfare system works. I have been to Greece twice (I once stayed for six months while I did some work there) and never asked about the welfare system but I did deal with their government and, if that is any indication, you may well have been better off on welfare. (The myriad government agents that I consulted with were almost always different people, almost always had no idea what was going on, and were really difficult to contact.)

Seriously... How did you manage to put up with that for as long as you did? Is it the only job you could get? Was there a compelling reason to do so such as a significant other? I'd need hookers, blow, and blackjack and I am not going to let them skimp on any of them.

Comment: Weight has always been a "quality" factor (Score 1) 27 27

Weight plays a lot into our perception for how solid and well built things are, even when they're not. Lightweight is great, but go too far and things feel like a fragile toy.

This is almost too good a problem to have with a laptop -- too lightweight? Put more battery in it.

Comment: Re:Advanced users do not use Apple products (Score 1) 351 351

Anyone who is a zealot is unbearable (and wrong). Then again, I am zealous in my desire for moderation. But, seriously, fans of any OS (or company, or similar) are just blinded by their biases and stuck that way because their ego will not let them change. I prefer to judge each by its own merits and I do not think I am exceptional in those regards.

Comment: Re:It stopped piracy (Score 1) 392 392

Yeah... Hmm... Google indicates otherwise. I am going to need a citation for that.

What would possess you to lie like that? I do not understand. This is the internet, it is the one place where you can be completely honest and nobody will know who you are (within reason). Why lie?

Comment: They're only pretending to have changed anything (Score 3, Interesting) 115 115

because of Snowden. They didn't stop collecting bulk data, they just changed the legal ownership of that data which has no effect on anyone's rights. It's all technical changes.

Also, if I were Snowden I'd consider staying away no matter what he's offered. Corrupt Russian intelligence doesn't have the MOTIVE to off him that American leaders do.

Comment: Re:Very finance specific (Score 1) 149 149

I always wonder how anyone with more than a half brain cell can work in the finance industry and still look at himself in the mirror each morning.

One of the least attractive qualities of the geek is his readiness to denigrate skills he doesn't have and doesn't understand, marketing and finance being among the most obvious.


Hacking Team Scrambling To Limit Damage Brought On By Explosive Data Leak 68 68

An anonymous reader writes: Who hacked Hacking Team, the Milan-based company selling intrusion and surveillance software to governments, law enforcement agencies and (as it turns out) companies? A hacker who goes by "Phineas Fisher" claims it was him (her? them?). In the meantime, Hacking Team is scrambling to minimize the damage this hack and data leak is doing to the company. They sent out emails to all its customers, requesting them to shut down all deployments of its Remote Control System software ("Galileo") — even though it seems they could do that themselves, as the customer software apparently has secret backdoors. Perhaps they chose the first route because they hoped to keep that fact hidden from the customers? And because every copy of Hacking Team's Galileo software is secretly watermarked, the leaked information could allow researchers to link a certain backdoor to a specific customer.

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