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Comment: Re:"Support" != actually sacrifice for (Score 2) 351

by I'm New Around Here (#48944961) Attached to: Most Americans Support Government Action On Climate Change

Retirees will expect more from the government because, you know, because they'

ve paid into the plan their whole working lives, with the promise they will see reasonable benefits at the end.

But fuck them for believing in a federal government and social fairness.

Great post.

Comment: Re:"Support" != actually sacrifice for (Score 1) 351

by I'm New Around Here (#48944947) Attached to: Most Americans Support Government Action On Climate Change

He's just a typical lefty liberal with not a thought about reality. If it sounds good on paper, or if it makes him feel good, or if someone says "No, this time it will work. Trust me!", then he supports it whether the program actually accomplishes whatever goal he had for it or not.

It's also obvious that he and the other supporters of that idiocy don't give a damn about actually helping the poor people. "Let them eat cake!" has turned into "Let them ride the bus!". That's their contempt for individual liberty writ large.

Comment: Re:better than rushing steaming piles of shit. (Score 1) 144

I just picked up Chapterhouse Dune to read. I read Heretics last year, and liked it. I read the first four as a teenager, but at the time couldn't find the last two.

I reread those first four over the last couple years, and Heretics finally. I enjoy all of them. God Emperor is obviously a breaking point in the story line, but it works.

I also have The Dune Encyclopedia. Two copies actually. It is a great book in itself to go along with Herbert's work.

Comment: Re:"GRR Martin is not your bitch" (Score 1) 144

I read up to book 4 or 5 as they came out. Then didn't have the time or patience to wait for the next. Recently I picked up book 3 at Goodwill just to read it and reminisce. It was still a fun read. But I don't plan to read the whole series until I have a lot of time on hand.

Comment: Re: Solution: Decouple wired buisness from company (Score 1) 255

Well, I don't use google docs. But it would seem to be similar 'openess', as far as files from strangers online go.

If I did use google docs, I don't know that I would want to give access to it to every other stranger online either.

I had uploaded it to another file sharing site, that had it as a simple download, but that isn't active now, and I didn't have the time to do that again before posting. The site I listed still has the file active.

Comment: Re:Solution: Decouple wired buisness from company (Score 1) 255

After repeatedly having the same reaction to these situations, I made a spreadsheet that compares the populations and sizes of US states and European countries. The first sheet is population, second is land area in square miles, and the third is population density per square mile. It also has columns on each page showing which countries are in the European Union, and which use the Euro as their currency.

Here is a link to it. They will send a link to your email address. Use it as you wish.

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