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Comment Re:Celebrate booting gun forums/owners? (Score 1) 153

Why does everyone let the other Constitutional rights get shat upon, but act like that one damned thing is inviolate?

Why aren't all those people loudly braying about their 2nd amendment defending the other Constitutional rights?

Because the 2nd amendment is what will enable us to get those others back. There is a LOT of civil process still available before the braying you hear is gunfire.

I for one do not look forward to that. But the 2nd amendment remains as a legal means to enforce the will of the people as a *last resort*

Comment Re:I guess it's easier... (Score 1) 425

My Anger comes from your inability to accept that nto every body is the same as yours. I am happy that worked for you, but not everyone is the same and this research is critical to that end.

WHY must everyone assume we all have the same effing *everything*.

I am done with this conversation, you are clearly not going to accept anything TFA has to offer.

Good day.

Comment Re:I guess it's easier... (Score 1) 425

Don't think of it as a personal attack, as much as my opinion of the authors attitude towards new information, and the negative impact it can have on the people outside himself that really need this information.

What ticks me off is people who refuse to take personal control for what they stuff in their mouths and try to blame *something* ANYTHING other than their choices of what they chew on, then complain bitterly about being overweight....

I wasn't the one that dived to a personal attack. This qualifies.

Comment Re:I guess it's easier... (Score 1) 425

It's far more than 1% and your ignorance on the subject is staggering.

Why are there so many people that are completely unable to accept a changing world with a changing understanding of how it works?

If we lived in the time before someone suggested the world was not flat you would have been leading the lynch mob to destroy any such heresy before it caught on.

Thank you for telling the scientific community that their studies are a waste of time with no applicable benefits whatsoever. The real problem is *just* self control.

Go back to your cave.

Comment Re:I guess it's easier... (Score 1) 425

see a doctor and obtain their advice on how to proceed because you are weird and there likely is some medical issue you need to deal with

And that is where this research is a godsend. Because 'eating less and exercising more is *clearly* no longer working for a growing demographic of people that *have been* doing what you so flippantly declare as the ultimate solution. We aren't weird, our food has changed drastically from when the calorie was first identified.

The concept here is going to Healthy weight loss, not just starving yourself. This research needs to happen and those chanting 'eat less exercise more' seem poised to work to destroy anything that stands in the way of that mantra. That pisses me off.

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