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Comment Re:She lives in pretend land (Score 1) 571

While the impeachment was driven by political enemies, it was not a smear campaign, nor, as others said, was it about a blowjob.

Specifically, it was about perjury. While I'm quite happy that we did not remove a sitting president over this issue as it was unrelated to his role in government, I am also quite happy that he was later sanctioned by the Arkansas courts, paid a fine, and had his law license suspended. He also was forced to resign from the Bar of the Supreme Court in lieu of disbarment.

Comment Re: Science! (Score 1) 737

You need to go to jail for infringing my rights. I think your ideas are wrong and I am filing criminal charges against you.

You would think you would have learned with Galileo, witch trials, McCarthy hearings, but no, you're a bad person and need to be silenced. Perhaps a dose of government enforced irony will teach you about the right to free speech.

Comment Re:I hope he realizes he did more harm than good (Score 1) 332

The problem would be lying about the scope of the problem. Daisey said he stood outside the factory for a few hours and met all these people when, in fact, he met none of them.

The fact that one worker was once exposed to a toxic substance is an accident, if it happens all the time, it is a problem.

60 Minutes reported that Foxconn had installed nets to prevent suicides by workers after 10 workers killed themselves last year. They didn't take the time to point out that the factory had 400,000 employees in it's mini-city, and that the US suicide rate is 11.8/100,000 and that China's is 22/100,000. So the suicide rate at Foxconn is lower than that of both China and the US by a significant margin.

If you lie or exaggerate about the problem it makes it seem like the problem might not really be a problem.

Comment Re:Why the anxiety? (Score 1) 807

Same reason that I bang my head against the wall every time they upgrade. Newer isn't necessarily better. Firefox keeps introducing "features" that don't work right, use more memory, and run slower. Thunderbird broke IMAP in the new version and I cannot use it on my mail server - so happy it upgraded without asking me.

Comment Re:Blame the prosecutor (Score 1) 327

No, it is the judge who should have known better. That is why we require a judge's consent for a warrant. The judge is supposed to be the guarantor of our rights before the police and prosecutors. Our system of laws anticipated overzealous law enforcement - Judges are not supposed to be part of the prosecution, but the adjudicators of law. This is

Comment There is nothing here (Score 1) 504

I just read the whole packet. There is nothing in it. My absolute favorite is the Rolling Stone Article. Not only for it evidential value, but for footnote 11. It's the only footnote on a particularly damning paragraph:

11) Facts mentioned in this paragraph are subsequently cited throughout the story.

Normally footnotes refer to supporting material and don't just tell you how important they are.

Comment No such finding of a cancer cluster (Score 1) 487

Wow, what a bunch of hogwash. The identified cancer cluster was identified as "an influx of TSA employees falling victim to various forms of cancer, strokes and heart disease". It is not limited to Boston - it is actually the ATL employees who first mentioned it. I'm sure the exposure over the last 12 months caused all this. Cancer pops up (as does heart disease) the moment you are exposed...

Read the sources, not the press releases.

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