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Comment: Re:Science is fine... Academic institutions are no (Score 2) 333

by Hussman32 (#49775407) Attached to: Can Bad Scientific Practice Be Fixed?

One issue with academia is that all research must be the stated hypothesis is confirmed, i.e. a negative hypothesis result is not considered valuable. Even though the elimination of a degree of freedom from consideration for further study is one of the cornerstones of science. Instead, everyone must make something new and groundbreaking.

Comment: I think it encourages snuff films for causes. (Score 1) 96

by Hussman32 (#49759613) Attached to: Death In the Browser Tab

It does not sweep horrid acts under the carpet; it encourages their production.

My main concern is that someone will see that as their ticket to fame and start making the videos for public distribution. This has happened already, all I needed to see was one film on goofball.com 15 years ago where a soldier's throat was cut on film in Chechnya. Their cause gets views and exposure, and that is not a Good Thing.

Yes, yes, freedom of the press, I support it, but the media are also supposed to exercise some amount of discretion. I don't watch death videos, and I'd rather that public media choose not to publish them.

Comment: Re:Mixed reaction (Score 1) 319

by Hussman32 (#49726881) Attached to: Battle To Regulate Ridesharing Moves Through States

If you wish to speak of morals and ethics, perhaps you should review the existing structure and their pricing model first.

There's a reason we have a compelling argument for competition here, and it's not because they have cooler looking cars.

In my view the compelling reason for Uber and Lyft is that you can view the rating of your driver and have some confidence that the driver will be professional and courteous prior to ordering the service. You have no such luck at the airport taxi stand, sometimes you get the worst driver who adds miles while talking on the phone.

The current turmoils between government and 'ride sharing' shall pass, government will get their taxes and the taxi system will either adapt or fade away.

Comment: Re:Is that even correct ? (Score 1) 185

by Hussman32 (#49721615) Attached to: Navy's New Laser Weapon: Hype Or Reality?

Starting from your good estimate, 2.5 kW is about about two or three hair dryers of heat concentrated at a small unit volume (not sure of the area, but the mirror won't be that deep). Depending on the thermal conductivity of the mirror and the materials behind it, it is likely that that surface will get hot enough to oxidize and then the absorption will be greater than 5%, which will then get hotter and lead to failure.

Comment: A bell curve and magic formula. (Score 2) 360

by Hussman32 (#49693451) Attached to: What Happens To Our Musical Taste As We Age?

I can't help but think there are many types of people on this survey, some will be rigid, others will always be dynamic. I personally listen almost exclusively to alternative rock stations, and while I like my favorites, I quickly tire of the repeat playlist on your Morning Zoo.

But most importantly, I follow the 5/10/85 rule. 5% of music is timeless brilliance, 10% is listenable yet disposable, and 85% is crap. Those percentages vary by genre.

Comment: Re:Not at all (Score 1) 461

by Hussman32 (#49683941) Attached to: Does Using an AOL Email Address Suggest You're a Tech Dinosaur?

I'm not going to flame, but I'm curious why you would think someone stupid for it. I still use gmail for the simple reasons that it always had more free storage than I needed, and now I'm stuck with it because it's been my personal address for almost 10 years. That doesn't make someone a moron (and yes, I'm aware of what they do with it, I put nothing of real value there that wasn't there over five years ago).

My hotmail account would have been it, except a short-sighted MS exec deleted a bunch of e-mails without telling me, losing me forever.

Comment: Re:nature will breed it out (Score 3, Interesting) 950

You're making interesting points. I'm not saying it's fair play, but it is what is happening.

It drives me nuts that in the eyes of extremists all men are assumed to be a potential child molesters if they were to hug a child that's not their own, we are all assumed potential rapists, and we are all evil oppressors of women.

What got us this way is that some very few men were, and now all of us are paying the price for it.

Re your second point. What I wonder is how much of it is related to parenting. Are the parents of the disinterested young men letting the games babysit for them instead of them interacting with them? I know kids are stubborn, but if you take away the game and force them to play, they will eventually do it. Parents need to show them the media stories are exaggerated, life is not inherently stacked against them, and that having meaningful relationships is healthy.

A lot of what you mentioned in your last paragraph is spot on, and I worry about that. I'd love for my girls to have a career and family too, my wife and I started in our mid-30s and while I don't think either of us settled, waiting could have led us to do so. The problems now and in the future will be different than what they were then, hopefully they won't be getting fondled at work for a chance at a promotion.

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