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Comment Base 10 sequences, other bases of interest? (Score 5, Interesting) 189

Some of the sequences being studied (like the example in the summary) use formulations developed from base 10 numbers. Have you explored other bases, in particular prime number bases, or perhaps a rational fraction or even irrational/transcendent number? If so, were there any interesting surprises?

Comment Re:Will Admit At/Before Birth (Score 1) 170

My guess is EPA, where it's much less. Also, 700 kids is an entire K-8 school in the Redwood City district, the annual operating costs of an entire school including construction, teachers, supplies and administrators is millions.

I'm in the Bay Area, and we're talking about parents hiring aids for our teachers because the student to teacher ratio is 30:1. Any relief from the local communities is welcome. All of the weird projects California funds without funding art, physical education, and music in the local schools really shows how skewed the priorities are.

Comment Separate the charity from the school here... (Score 1) 170

I'm having a hard time seeing the negatives. This is a prototype to try new educational ideas, but really what they are doing is helping the local community. Odds are good it's East Palo Alto (EPA) that will be most served, Palo Alto schools are quite good. The EPA schools are rated low, and any family brought into it will be getting more than they could get from public schools.

And if underprivileged children should have project-based learning that adapts to their learning capabilities, is that really so dystopian? They are trying something new, and offering it to those who wouldn't normally have the opportunity.

Comment Re: People still don't know? (Score 1) 342

Hard to tell, but the estimates that I've read for the train are 6 million people annually travel the LA/SF corridor, which for this 68 billion dollar project amounts to about $100 per person per year for 10 years in capital expenses alone. However, as there is no way all six million could take the train (365 days a year, assume 10 trains daily both ways, 3,650 trips, assume 500 capacity per trip, 1.85 million people at 100% capacity, which won't happen)...I don't see who we are helping here because the ticket costs would exceed the comparable airline costs.

Comment Re:So NOW they say it! (Score 3, Informative) 130

Except the clear evidence really isn't that clear, there are differences between men and women in the UK of 3 to 1.5 per 100,000 people, and thyroid cancer is up to 15 per 100,000, the peak of your referenced graph, (with an increasing trend) in the US. As the US was further away from Chernobyl, does that mean it helped people prevent thyroid cancer?

I'm not sure what the reasonable course of action is, but giving money to everyone isn't it.

Comment Re:'Wireless charging' is for fools (Score 1) 120

For linear attenuation of sound, Stoke's Law is more appropriate for a back of the envelope estimate. More searching will yield more refined models. That being said, no planar transducer propagates only linearly, and there is decay in the x and y directions (considering z as the normal vector).

I was scratching my head when I read about this idea because I work with ultrasonics a bit and we have a heck of a time with maintaining energy density over short distances.

Comment Re:You're the problem (Score 1) 497

A lot of the code I worked on wasn't source controlled, and that was what I was thinking about with this note. Still, most source control systems are time-stamped with the user who made the change, and usually have a comment section for the changes. If you make a change to code, you should change the comments too, and also see a history of the changes. Sometimes the problem changes, sometimes the solution changes, and sometimes the talent changes. In all cases it helps to see who did what and why they did it at that time.

Comment Re:Lessons (Score 1) 497

I know a lot of people don't like HN, 95% of the code I work on is engineering simulations and there was a time when mixed type expressions got you in trouble. I always used isFoo for boolean functions, and the blnFoo for loop flags.

I was wondering if you meant a x.00 format as 'double' for monetary variables, or if you were planning the Superman 3/Office Space fractional penny hack.

Submission + - Intel Develops Linux "Software GPU" That's 29~51x Faster (

An anonymous reader writes: Intel is open-sourcing their work on creating a high-performance graphics software rasterizer that originally was developed for scientific visualizations. Intel is planning to integrate this new OpenSWR project with Mesa to deploy it on the Linux desktop as a faster software rasterizer than what's currently available (LLVMpipe). OpenSWR should be ideal for cases where there isn't a discrete GPU available or the drivers fail to function. This software rasterizer implements OpenGL 3.2 on Intel/AMD CPUs supporting AVX(2) (Sandy Bridge / Bulldozer and newer) while being 29~51x faster than LLVMpipe and the code is MIT licensed. The code prior to being integrated in Mesa is offered on GitHub.

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