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Comment Re: couldn't hurt (Score 1) 260

With everything going towards the cloud, I would say we have a trend. We have everything from Office to Photoshop in the cloud now. To my mind that is reminiscent of the days of yore when we had dumb terminals and rented time on the mainframe and I don't see this trend ending any time soon. I actually envision more and more Software as a Service and more and more cloud applications.

Heck, I am forever using VNC to connect to a PC of my own and working from there. I see that as so very similar to the days gone by that I can't help but notice the similarities. It's also "trendy" these days so I think we'll see more and more of this for the time being. As someone mentioned above, the pendulum will keep swinging. How long before we have gone to entirely dumb terminals where even our OS is grabbed across a network and we work from there? At the same time, there will also be a viable OS on the chip itself which, I imagine, will be the pendulum swinging back in some regards. I'd expect some sort of melding.

Hmm... Come to think of it... I know lots of people who neither know how to configure or use an email client - even on their phones. They simply access the web and, to them, email is a web service and a web service alone.

Comment Re: Germany wants a lot... (Score 1) 674

You are stupid.

Facebook is an American company

There is no such thing as "american company". Did you miss the whole Globalization thing?

they should remove all servers from Germany and let them do the work

omg, you are so stupid it hurts. Doing business is not putting your servers there. It is making contracts (advertisement, FBs business model) with companies there, it is having users (it's product) there.

For all intents and purposes, FB produces in Germany and sells in Germany. That is what "doing business" means, not some stupid hardware.

Think about how much work it is to abide by EVERY law in EVERY nation

Poor multinational corporation. It's so much work to comply with all those laws. Nah, let's not do it, too complicated.

Simple answer: If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. If you want to run a world-wide company, yes there is going to be a little bit of work involved. Don't like it? Don't run a world-wide business. So simple.

Comment Re:long history indeed (Score 1) 674

Then you'll also understand that a) the various regions that make up modern Germany have quite different histories and cultures and b) other than many other countries (USA - independence, France - revolution, etc.) Germany did not have a historic shock moment where enlightenment freedoms were installed into law. The process was more slow, but at the same time more continuous. After the 30-year war, many freedoms were common in (northern) Germany that more catholic nations like Italy or Spain did not possess at that time.

Comment Re:How about "no"? (Score 1) 674

To be fair, quite expressly, you do NOT have a right to broadcast or express your beliefs IF they block it from viewers only in Germany. You do not have that right. You currently have that freedom but it is not a right. You, in your country, probably have the right to say it. You do not even have a right to use Facebook - you have permission. We could say that you don't even have the right in the first place - Facebook has every right to delete any comment they want to delete.

Personally, I think they should delete them all because we're ending up with tech geared towards the lowest common denominator but that's a different subject entirely.

But no... You can't really say that you have a right to post anything, of any type, in another country - you have the right to post it to the internet, or at least permission, but not the right to not have it blocked by someone else. They're well within their rights to block your speech, if they want, at either the Facebook or country level.

Your rights end at the end of your nose.

Comment Re:Germany wants a lot... (Score 1) 674

Have you ever been intellectually honest? You live in America (or claimed to). Your very existence is because of hate speech, propaganda, traitors, and terrorism. Your laws are in place because people broke the law, with speech, and spoke out against the king.

A country has the right to control its people, certainly. It has no right to control other people. Unless FB is serving up content from German soil then, no, they do not have control over them. They can block Facebook all they want. They can make using Facebook illegal for all I care. They can make Facebook remove any servers from their country if they want.

Man, I can't believe I'm forced to defend Facebook. Twice, in one day, I've had to say something in defense of really bad people. I think this is probably because there are just too many people who are unwilling to be honest.

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