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Comment: Pretty close to zero (Score 1) 240

by Huntr (#46695057) Attached to: How much do you spend yearly on mobile apps?

For reference, Android household here.

There haven't been many apps we've felt compelled to buy. I think we still have like $15-$16 of the $25 credit/rebate from Google when we bought the Nexus 7 back in '12 - Titanium Backup and Beyond Pod come to mind as apps I've purchased.

Other than that, I just haven't seen much of anything I need that I'd be willing to spend even 99 cents on. Also, you can get a free paid app everyday from Amazon. I have gotten some good ones from that, but I'd never pay for them otherwise.

Comment: Kind of assumed this already (Score 2) 125

by Huntr (#46454265) Attached to: Major Wikipedia Donors Caught Editing Their Own Articles

I'm sure others will tell me why I'm mistaken, but this doesn't bother me so much, mainly because it doesn't surprise me.

Basically, you're telling me that a document that can be edited by anyone is being edited by people to show themselves in a more positive light, ToS be damned.

Well, yeah.

Comment: What kind of an abortion of a submission is this? (Score 1) 457

by Huntr (#46165975) Attached to: Judge Says You Can Warn Others About Speed Traps

The 1st link is to the Florida case that was resolved last year. The 2nd and 3rd links are about a Missouri case that was decided this week and only the 2nd even mentions the Florida case. The summary makes it sound like this is all about the Florida case.

The point stands, i.e., this has been ok'd in court in 2 jurisdictions, but what in the actual fuck, Soulskill?

Comment: Re:"Looks like we got ourselves a thinker!" (Score 4, Insightful) 412

by Huntr (#46155295) Attached to: Audience Jeers Contestant Who Uses Game Theory To Win At 'Jeopardy'

Or, it's a game show that people watch to be entertained and perhaps they don't find it as entertaining, regardless of whether or not it's a smart strategy.

Ken Jennings won 3 million dollars and something like 75 matches in a row on Jeopardy. But, he did it in an entertaining enough fashion, so people didn't bitch like this. It's not about hating on the smart guy.

Comment: Re:This stuff is so stupid (and so is Forbes) (Score 1) 169

by Huntr (#46025713) Attached to: <em>Candy Crush</em> Maker Has Trademarked 'Candy' For Games

Yes, very specific uses. Windows, Apple, etc. But, this isn't specific - games and clothing. I have a hard time trusting King (or any other business) when they say, "Oh, we trademarked the word in a really generic fashion, but don't worry, we only enforce in specific instances."

Comment: This stuff is so stupid (and so is Forbes) (Score 5, Insightful) 169

by Huntr (#46025007) Attached to: <em>Candy Crush</em> Maker Has Trademarked 'Candy' For Games

The issue isn't that Hasbro should have already trademarked "candy", it's that "candy" shouldn't be able to be trademarked at all. It's a common freakin' word and should be able to be used in game titles and clothing w/o licensing.

Burning copycat apps who are ripping off your game is a different issue, but this shouldn't be the solution.

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