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Comment: Re:Well, he's not afraid his company might fire hi (Score 1) 486

by Hunter Shoptaw (#43751683) Attached to: Larry Page: You Worry Too Much About Medical Privacy
That's because you don't realize you ALREADY pay for everyone else. The problem with the existing system of "we have to cover you if you go to the ER, sorry you could afford coverage yourself for preventative visits" is that ER's cost more and the hospitals bill us indirectly for those visits.

Even if all you're talking about is writing off the debt, they get to write that out of what they pay back to the government. So in the very least of terms, you're talking about paying for others health care through tax dollars at whatever cost the hospital decides. At worst, you help pay for the loss of profit by paying higher medical costs, at whatever cost the hospital decides.

The question here isn't whether you want to help pay for health care, it's how much. Would you rather pay $10/mo more or $1000/visit more? Sounds good if you don't visit the doc often, but that one time you do, it'll crush your bank account.

Some time I think the people in this country are so blinded by our brilliance that we fail to see that all the "lesser" countries around us are beating us.

Comment: Umm, What? (Score 1) 2

by Hunter Shoptaw (#43621457) Attached to: "Illegal to Possess" - Feds Raid IPhone Repair Shops
So which part of replacing a digitizer is detrimental to public safety? I agree that people shouldn't be mislead to believe that a part is OEM unless it actually is, but I don't think that falls under "detrimental to public safety." Also, does every company get to go on HS raids or is there a buy in that Apple paid for the privilege?

+ - WB Cat Fight: Nyan Cat, Keyboard Cat Sue Warner Bros For Copyright and Trademark->

Submitted by coolnumbr12
coolnumbr12 (2889243) writes "Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat have joined forces to file a copyright and trademark infringement lawsuit against Warner Brothers Entertainment. The complaint, filed on April 22 at 4:00 p.m., argued that Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat were used willfully and intentionally in four different “Scribblenauts” video games on the Nintendo DS without permission. The games were published by WB and developed by 5th Cell, which was also named in the complaint."
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Comment: Re:It usually works like this (Score 1) 176

I don't remember him saying, "You didn't build that (company)!" Oh! YOU added that in there! Gotcha. Well gee I guess if we can just add in the stuff we want to believe people said then it's fine. "(the government)....makes a nation great." - Impy the Impiuos Imp Wow you are such a socialist!

Comment: Re:Dunno. (Score 1) 171

by Hunter Shoptaw (#43528783) Attached to: Will Future Tesla Cars Use Metal-Air Batteries?

I read the description and the article and found no evidence that Tesla plans to incorporate a battery of the kind described. The suppositions are based off of other suppositions. The fact that a company patented something doesn't mean they're going to use it and basing company tactics off of something that minute is simply fishing for a story that's not there.

The fact that people have strong opinions about a misinformed fluff-piece is sad.

Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it.