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Comment: Re:How is maintenance performed? (Score 1) 82

by SuricouRaven (#48933203) Attached to: Former NATO Nuclear Bunker Now an 'Airless' Unmanned Data Center

I should clarify that low oxygen percentage isn't the important part - it's low partial-pressure of oxygen. Reduced-oxygen at atmosphere, or atmospheric composition at reduced pressure, or even low-oxygen at high pressure (Diving on trimix) or high-oxygen at low-pressure (Spacesuits). It's all the same.

Comment: Re:Simple solution (Score 1) 457

by jo_ham (#48928603) Attached to: Police Organization Wants Cop-Spotting Dropped From Waze App

Oh, and nice assumption. Suburban soccer mom? Nice one kid.

I wasn't aware that I'd grown ovaries and acquired children and a decade in age overnight. Who knew!

Time to pop some kids out and buy some mom jeans because I disagreed with someone on slashdot. Man, you have to be careful about this shit.

Comment: Re:Simple solution (Score 1) 457

by jo_ham (#48928587) Attached to: Police Organization Wants Cop-Spotting Dropped From Waze App

How servile and feeble minded.. "bu bu but the sign said!"
Are you stupid, trolling, or just argumentative?

If you cannot honestly see how sticking a 20-25 mph zone in the middle of an arterial (that has speed of 45) is somewhere between a feel good policy (IE, think of the children!) and existing entirely for revenue generation, i really don't know what to tell you.

Further, if you don't 'get' how it could be more of a safety risk to focus on dropping your speed in half, watching out for kids, the jackhole behind you who doesn't get what a 'school zone' is AND of course the cops who hunt motorists who are over the limit by even one MPH in such zones (the fine is double of course, go figure) -- someone should really break your fingers to give you a mandatory 6 week no-typing vacation.

People like are you (suburban soccer mom perhaps?) are the reason we don't get nice things. As soon as someone trots out anything safety related, logic and risk assessment go completely out in the window in lieu of fluffy feel good nonsense. Never mind the ACTUAL FUCKING EFFECTIVENESS OF WHAT YOU SUGGEST.

Wow. Who pissed in your chips?

Your argument was that you'd be "too busy checking your speedometer" (quote) to look out for children. I'm saying that if such a task is so distracting that you can't look at the road ahead then you're a poor driver and would likely fail a driving test.

If the speed drops by half on a road, with posted signs, and you think that's dangerous then we're clearly not on the same page at all. These sorts of things are common in the UK, for example, (and I'm sure in many countries that have roads) where an arterial route goes from the high speed limit (60 mph in the UK on non-motoways) down to 30 mph when passing through a small built up area. The signs are clearly marked, and there's plenty of warning.

When you see those signs you change speed. The obsessive checking of your speed to the exclusion of all other road perception is just nonsense. Roads have speed limits. Being able to drive your car at or below those limits without tunnel vision on the speedometer is one of the primary skills necessary to operate a vehicle safely. If you cannot do this (such that you feel you wouldn't be able to look out for children in a crossing while also being able to drive at the posted speed limit) then you have no business driving a car.

Of course what you're really angry about is that cops bust people for speeding.

Comment: Re:18B on 75B (Score 1) 495

by scamper_22 (#48927805) Attached to: Apple Posts $18B Quarterly Profit, the Highest By Any Company, Ever

What's interesting is people have problem paying 10-15% sales tax on products. That means the government takes on more in sales tax than most companies make in profit on the actual product.

Of course this depends on where you live. In some parts sales tax might be 0% and 25% in others. It's just funny looking at it that way.

Comment: Re:And why is this? (Score 1) 403

This reminds me of an old tale.

Sun and Wind were arguing who was more powerful. Both argued at length and neither would accept the other one's arguments, so they decided for a competition. They saw a man walking across the land and Wind suggested that whoever gets the coat off him should be considered the most powerful one.

Sun agreed and Wind prepared for the worst. He started to blow and the winds picked up, he put more and more power behind it and soon a veritable hurricane was ripping at the poor man in his quest to pry that coat off him. But the more Wind blew, the tighter the man grabbed his coat and didn't want to let go, growing only more determined at staying warm and sheltered within his only protection from the elements that threw him about.

Soon Wind sat down, exhausted and wheezing. He laughed at Sun who was still sitting there, knowing that she could never succeed where he could not with all his might.

Sun did what Sun did best. She shone. She brightened up the day and warmth filled the air, her beams heating up the ground the man walked on and giving him warmth as well. She just sat there, waiting, providing the warmth every being needs.

And the man eventually decided it's too hot to wear a coat and took it off.

I leave the interpretation to the reader. It's not hard, but maybe we should still explain it to the DOJ, I doubt they'll get it.

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